You’ll Be Able To Spend Your Dogecoin Riding Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop

Once Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop is fully up and running, The Boring Company will let riders pay with Dogecoin instead of cash or a credit card.

It looks like Dogecoin holders will be able to spend their Doge riding around Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Loop in the future. At the moment, the ‘Loop’ is still a work in progress, and one where it isn’t entirely clear when it will be finished. However, it is slowly progressing towards its goal of making traveling around Las Vegas quicker, easier, and potentially cheaper.

The Loop is the brainchild of The Boring Company, which is just one of the companies Musk is involved in. Similar to both Tesla and SpaceX, The Boring Company is hoping to make large-scale changes to the way society works by making significant changes to infrastructure. Specifically, the intention with The Boring Company is to help solve traffic, and tunnels are a big part of the solution.


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On June 30, the latest stop along the Las Vegas Loop was officially opened as the Resorts World Las Vegas Passenger Station and marks the opening of the first stop outside of the Las Vegas Convention center. The following day, The Boring Company also officially started accepting Dogecoin as an alternate method of payment to cash and credit cards. As CNN Business points out, rides on the Loop are currently free, so although Dogecoin holders will eventually be able to pay for a ride with Doge, they can’t right now. In reply to a comment about the original report, Elon Musk said he was “supporting Doge wherever possible.”

The Latest Doge Endorsement By A Musk Company

Tesla Doge Elon Musk

Similar to the Loop in general, support for Doge as a payment method has slowly been expanding and in no small part thanks to Elon Musk. The outspoken CEO has not only used his social media presence and TV appearances to promote Dogecoin, but his various companies have also been quick to accept the crypto in some capacity. For example, Tesla allows consumers to buy select Tesla merch with Dogecoin, while SpaceX plans to allow people to pay for advertising in space with the coin. With this in mind, it is not totally surprising that The Boring Company is also getting in on the ‘to the Moon’ action.

In terms of the future of the Loop, the ultimate goal is a 29-mile tunnel network that will eventually connect 51 different stations with passengers transported in Teslas. The core idea is that removing additional stops along a traditional bus or train route will drastically reduce the travel time between any two stops. The cost of a ride will depend on which two stations are being connected. As an example, The Boring Company quotes $10 for a 5-minute trip that covers the 4.9-mile journey between Harry Reid International Airport and the Las Vegas Convention Center. Alternatively, a 2.8-mile ride between downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention Center is listed as costing as little as $5. However, the CNN Business report does also suggest that single fares could be universally set at $1.50 with the option of a day pass costing $2.50. Whatever the actual cost to ride underground in a Tesla in Las Vegas, riders will be able to pay in Dogecoin.

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Source: CNN Business, The Boring Company, Elon Musk/Twitter

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