Wrapmate Unveils Tesla Cybertruck Wrap Configurator – Featured in The Florida Star

Wrapmate, a vehicle graphics company, has launched a wrap configurator for Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. The configurator allows users to visualize the truck in different colors and finishes by offering nearly 100 wrap options made with 3M Wrap Film. The wraps will be available in satin, gloss, and matte finishes, and personalized wrap designs can also be created by the company’s designers. Although the configurator is not affiliated with Tesla, Wrapmate expressed interest in collaborating with the company.

Initially, the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior did not have plans for color wraps, as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, had stated. However, third-party options for wrapping the Cybertruck exist, and Wrapmate is now offering a range of choices for customers.

Musk has confirmed that the Cybertruck delivery event is scheduled for later this year, and he has expressed expectations of selling 250,000 to 500,000 models annually at full production capacity. The launch of the wrap configurator by Wrapmate adds another customization option for Cybertruck owners and gives them the ability to personalize the appearance of their vehicles.

This news follows the growing anticipation for the release of the Cybertruck, which has gained significant attention for its unique design and features. The configurator provides a way for potential buyers and enthusiasts to experiment with different wrap options and visualize how the Cybertruck will look in different colors and finishes. It also opens up possibilities for creative designs and customization, allowing owners to truly make their Cybertrucks stand out on the road.

Wrapmate plans to start selling the wraps “soon,” giving Cybertruck owners the opportunity to enhance the appearance of their vehicles once they are delivered. The launch of the wrap configurator is an exciting development in the lead-up to the Cybertruck’s release, adding to the overall excitement and customization options for prospective buyers. Overall, it offers a unique way for Tesla enthusiasts to engage with the Cybertruck and make it their own.

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