Will Elon Musk Bring Dogecoin to Twitter?


Will the Dogefather put his money where his tweets are? In a leaked Q&A with Twitter  (TWTR)  employees, Elon Musk said he sees Twitter transforming into a “super app” that serves as an all-in-one source of entertainment, news and payments.
And yes, payments would include cryptocurrency.
“I think it would make sense to integrate payments into Twitter so that it’s easy to send money back and forth. And if you have currency as well as crypto. Essentially, whenever somebody would find it useful,” Musk said.

So our boy Elon Musk has a pretty ambitious goal of getting 1 billion users on Twitter. During a leaked Q&A with Twitter employees, Elon Musk said adding payments of currency and crypto is critical to transforming Twitter into a service people can’t live without.
Musk sees Twitter’s future as a “super app” incorporating entertainment, news and payments. Many people have speculated that Dogecoin would be one of the cryptocurrencies that Elon would want to add to Twitter’s platform…seems pretty logical right, following his professed love for the coin after several tweets about it as well as the ability for consumers to purchase Tesla and SpaceX merch with it.
However, the crypto winter has one investor pretty livid…in fact, Elon is now at the center of a $258 billion lawsuit by this Dogecoin investor who is accusing him of running a pyramid scheme to support the cryptocurrency. If you remember, since Elon went on Saturday Night Live, Dogecoin is down over 90%. Do you think Elon should be liable for him voicing his support of the coin?



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