Here Is Why Dogecoin Still Bullish!!

why dogecoin still bullish
Dogecoin price down?

Despite the massive crash for Dogecoin and cryptocurrencies, things are even more bullish than ever. Bitcoin price to hit 100k in 2021 or early 2022. This is the standard most analysts pretty much everyone who is involved in cryptocurrencies, banks, financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchange CEOs, YouTubers, people who invest in no cryptocurrencies. They know that Bitcoin is going to at least hit $100000 by the end of the year. That’s still on track.

Market manipulation

So what we know about that dip yesterday, that was pure market manipulation. That was basically an error because people were over leveraging themselves going long and borrowing money to invest in cryptocurrency. There is stop losses in all type of things set up to cause that flash crash.

Some whales got together and caused that chain reaction to start, which pushed down artificially the price of cryptocurrencies. That’s why earlier this year, a couple of months ago, because of the China flood or because of Elon Musk and a bunch of other things. That’s why we also saw a false dip earlier, which triggered a bearish market for a period of time.

So the bull market has never ended. We just had corrections. And the corrections push us up faster and stronger. Look at how fast it took for Bitcoin to recover. Dogecoin to recover from 16 cents to get the 35 cents. Bitcoin from 28K to over 53K dollars.

Do you think Dogecoin is going to have another big bull run this year?

We could see some crazy things for Dogecoin, especially when Elon Musk starts tweeting again. All of this Dogecoin Ethereum bridge news starts happening. There’s a lot of things that are happening behind the scenes for Dogecoin that are going to have to explode and bring back the retail investors into this space.

If we beat the expectations, we could see cryptos do some back flips somersaults. We could see Dogecoin absolutely go crazy in a very short period of time. So coupled with this and all of the bullish things are happening behind the scenes for cryptocurrencies, this can be a huge booster to the cryptocurrency bull run.

Bitcoin will most likely reach $48K tonight. Dogecoin price is headed back to 26 cents right now. This is incredible buying opportunity for cryptocurrencies right now, looking extremely bullish despite what we have been seeing and despite the massive drop that we saw yesterday. So overall, cryptos are extremely bullish.

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