DOGECOIN: Walmart Announcement

walmart announcement

Walmart now adding 200 ATMs for cryptocurrency nationwide. Cryptocurrency ATMs are now going to be nationwide in Wal-Mart stores. This is just the beginning stages of what Walmart’s decision to accept cryptocurrency could mean for the future. Long term like a bank account, it’s going to skyrocket in value.

This could lead to a massive chain effect where more and more businesses start accepting crypto. Every single major company will in the future accept Dogecoin and will also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. 60 percent of Dogecoin holders currently in a big state of profit.

Crypto asset numbers are starting to go up

Crypto asset numbers are starting to go up. In the last 12 months, a surprising 81 percent of the clients have asked about crypto. And that’s in comparison to 6.3 percent who have been recommended crypto by their financial advisors in 2020. And then in 2021, it’s 9.4 percent.

We are also we’re not just keep in mind that we’ve been optimistic about what’s going to happen with objects from the Dogecoin spike. But we’re not just putting all our eggs in that basket when it comes to the community and when it comes to what the people behind the scenes, the devs and some of the great people we have who currently working on projects are doing.

What’s next is the metaverse, which is being built out a lot of work going into that high quality graphics and babies as well. We cannot reveal too much about the babies, but the objects people are going to. If you own a Dogecoin empty, you will get access to babies for free.

No other cryptocurrency project in an empty space is doing anywhere near that kind of dedication and level of gratitude and work for their NFT holders. It’s pretty impressive, and that’s going to be a lot of fun. Very exciting moving forward. So we have to definitely make sure we are continuing to keep our energy high for DogeX.

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