WallStreetBets Fever Hits Dogecoin, Price Soars 142%


The price of dogecoin (DOGE) more than doubled overnight around the time a popular Twitter account from a WallStreetBets trader mentioned the meme-loving cryptocurrency in a tweet.
The Reddit-based trading community known as r/WallStreetBets discusses stock and options trading and has made headlines in recent days after causing havoc in the financial market by pumping stock and causing major headaches for short sellers.
The “WSB Chairman” Twitter account, which has quickly gained almost 400,000 followers and says it is not associated with the Reddit group, tweeted Thusday: “A lot of you are talking about Dogecoin. What’s that? A meme crypto?” In another tweet they asked: “Has Doge ever been to a dollar?”
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According to a Bloomberg report, members of Reddit group SatoshiStreetBets were also excitedly egging on the DOGE action.
In response, the price of the Shiba Inu meme-based cryptocurrency shot up as much as 142%, from $0.007 to $0.017 in under two hours, according to CoinDesk 20 data. At press time, Thursday, DOGE was trading lower at $0.012.
The WallStreetBets Reddit community has in particular focused on GameStop (GME), driving its share price up nearly 900% in five days to around $347 on Wednesday. Amid signs of potential regulatory scrutiny over its actions, the message board has since been taken private by its moderators leaving followers searching for information on other social media sites.
The U.S. Securities Exchange Commisison (SEC) released a notice on Wednesday not directly acknowledging the group’s activity, but stating it is “reviewing” the “ongoing market volatility.”
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DOGE’s latest price spike is reminiscent of a sharp rise last summer as videos on TikTok encouraged users to invest in the cryptocurrency. And, on Jan. 3, adult star Angela White tweeted she had been a HODler of DOGE, prompting many of her 1.3 million followers to push the price up as much as 203%.
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WallStreetBets Fever Hits Dogecoin, Price Soars 142%
WallStreetBets Fever Hits Dogecoin, Price Soars 142%
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Going into the second half of the year, the market sentiment is growing clearer. First, there is a sense that the 1H collapse may be bottoming out – or at least falling to a plateau and a pause before further drops. Second, there is a growing consensus that a recession is in the offing, on a one-year time frame or possibly less. A minority opinion holds that a true downturn is already on us; but we won’t know for certain until the Q2 growth numbers are released later this month. What does this m
Investors are watching for guidance from Wall Street on whether the recent rally could hold up toward the end of the year



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