Twitter’s Updated Logo Features a Refreshing Doggy Face Replacement

Twitter recently changed its well-known blue bird logo to a dog in a surprise move orchestrated by Elon Musk. The new logo is tilted upwards and no longer has feathers on its head. Twitter’s creative director, Doug Bowman, explained that the new bird logo was inspired by ornithology and designed using simple geometry and overlapping circles.

The dog featured in the logo is based on a popular meme that originated from two photos of a Hong Kong Shiba Inu named @balltze on Instagram. The meme, known as Cheems, depicts the dog in contrasting situations, representing strong and weak dogs. Users speculate that Musk’s involvement in the logo change may be related to his connection with Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that gained 20% market appreciation after the new logo was unveiled.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke 10 years ago and is based on the famous Doge meme, featuring a Shiba Inu dog with a funny expression. Despite its origins, Dogecoin has become popular and valuable thanks to support from celebrities and influencers. It is primarily used for tipping online, making digital donations, and purchasing products, including Tesla merchandise.

Although Musk has not made an official statement about the logo change, he shared a meme on Twitter featuring the new logo and a screenshot of a previous conversation where he asked if a new social network was needed. A user suggested buying Twitter and changing the logo to a dog, to which Musk replied, “As promised.” Following the logo change, there was a significant surge in Dogecoin’s value, increasing by over 30%.

Musk’s involvement in Twitter has been controversial since he became CEO. He has been vocal about his opinions on the future of the platform, sparking debates and discussions. Musk’s tweets and actions often have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market, leading to speculation about his influence on Dogecoin’s value.

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