The Strong Will Survive!! The Consolidation Of The Crypto Market

the strong will survive
see you on top..

Let’s talk about the future of Dogecoin and the future of all cryptocurrency and what’s going to happen as far as the consolidation of the crypto market now. What does it mean? It means cycles things typically, especially when they’re new or when they gain public interest or in particular, and when there’s a lot of money to be made, you will have a very few to start out with and then you’ll have an oversaturation period. And then you’ll have like a crash or a major correction where most of them disappear.

Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and that pretty much rounds out on top list most of them will still be here after the consolidation period. But a lot of these like Baby Doge, Big Doge, or Little Doge, Medium Doge and whatever, lot of these current cryptocurrency is going to disappear. This is nothing more than just a play off of the hype.

Being able to adapt is very important

And then most of the ones that are who don’t have like a true following or don’t have actual utility, those disappear a prime example of social media and how social media was built into what we have now and how it’s not always the first that usually prevails is typically what is still one of the main social media sites now, which is Facebook. And Facebook is really just a combination of all the other social media sites that existed before it. And typically they just remain dominant because they were able to pivot and absorb the. Functions of the previous social media sites. Why is that important? Being able to adapt is very important.

That’s why I got very excited when I saw the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin mentioning possibly creating like a bridge between Dogecoin and Ethereum, going to get like speeds up. And when I hear Elon Musk talking about improving Doge or when I hear that he’s speaking to the devs and they’re looking at faster processing speeds and making it more green and I hear these conversations, that’s very exciting because that’s what it takes to survive long term.

A consolidation period and the cryptocurrency world sooner than later

Bitcoin is the face of the crypto market. Bitcoin is also the anchor of the crypto market. Wherever Bitcoin goes, the crypto market follows. But as for now, Bitcoin is in control. But the question is, can that last forever? If Bitcoin is stationary and there are no improvements that are going to be made, that will be the ultimate history lesson in itself, because technically speaking, in any other market or any other comparison, whether that be currency, any of the mass runs for a society that we’ve have, none of them has stood the test of time.

We’re going to have a massive opportunity here long term, that it’s actually just getting started. We’re going to have a consolidation period and the cryptocurrency world sooner than later. Right now, we’re definitely in that boom of growth. There’s new coins popping up and disappearing every day. Every week there’s new coins because they’re so easily accessible now. But after this consolidation period, I believe that your top coins that have the largest communities and the most functions and most utility and the biggest backings, those will survive this consolidation period that’s coming.

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