The Resurgence of the Ancient Doge Meme Reveals Insights into the Evolution of the Internet

The impact of internet memes, such as the doge meme, on real-world events is the subject of a research project by James Hall and myself, published in The Conversation. While memes can be seen as playful byproducts of digital culture, they can also impact public discourse and serve as cultural mores, as demonstrated by the doge meme’s influence on the cryptocurrency market. Memes are, in effect, a new form of human communication, reflecting the earliest way in which prehistoric humans communicated through cave paintings. However, the longevity and adaptability of memes, such as Pepe the Frog, rely upon the anthropomorphic nature of the icon, which reflect the foibles of human nature. While the term “meme” existed before internet use, Richard Dawkins’ definition of it as “a unit of cultural transmission” has seen it enter popular use. The phenomenon of memes is messy and complex, but their ability to document cultural material has turned them into a legitimate genre that holds masses of information and provides insight into how humans felt about communicating on digital platforms.

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