the next 48 hours for bitcoin and dogecoin
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I’m going to be talking about is what is happening with a price action with Bitcoin and Dogecoin right now going into this weekend and what is going to happen in the next 48 hours that is going to change the landscape of Bitcoin and Dogecoin forever as we are about to go parabolic. It started this euphoric rise.

We’re about to see Bitcoin start to rise to 100K, where as the Doge is going to rise to all time highs and we’re going to see the most parabolic, euphoric stage for this entire crypto market.

And this is going to happen so fast that anybody that things are going to have to jump in whenever they want to, they’re going to be missing out on these gains because I believe that what we are about to transpire into is going to be that life changing opportunity.

What’s going on with the price action?

Let’s take a look at the overall market. Sitting at  2.63 trillion dollar market, roughly a one percent increase as Bitcoin is sitting around 61.600 roughly a one percent move to the upside here, a 1.1 trillion dollar market. But that time is running out for Bitcoin and Dogecoin as you see Dogecoin pulling back just 1.42 percent, sitting at 27 cents, still up 13 percent, selling over 10 crypto assets and sitting just shy of a $37 billion market capitalization.

So why am I pounding the table and telling you that this is the last 48 hours for Bitcoin and for Dogecoin, because what is about to be transpiring over the next 24 to 48 hours is going to be a lot of volatility. But what is going to happen in the Monday, the start of November is going to change the landscape of everything.

So you have the next 48 hours to change your situation by investing into crypto assets, whether it be Bitcoin or Dogecoin, and watch it change over the next 90 days and let your financial situation become improved through investing these assets. And this is not clickbait.

If you do accumulate, if you have it in your position ready and you have those diamond hands, you are about to be initiated in the biggest world transform this world has ever seen. So we’re going to see some volatility probably come in tomorrow, with Bitcoin starting to take a charge to the upside. It will initiate Dogecoin to follow. And what we are going to see next is when everything changes, we’re going to end November around 98K. We’re going to end December around 135K.

We’re going to double in less than two months in the crypto market

If you don’t understand the magnitude of what we are going to see, we’re going to basically double in less than two months in the crypto market. And if you don’t think Dogecoin is primed and ready, Dogecoin is a sitting time bomb right now. If Dogecoin is holding these levels of resistance worth seeing right now.  We are looking for 45 cents 0r 59 cents and then another all time highs.

We are going to see Dogecoin absolutely start tearing up the charts and you’re going to be able to change your financial situation for the better if you’re invested in this market after the next 48 hours. So in my opinion, you have 48 hours to accumulate as much as possible before we start the most universal biggest thing that you have ever seen in cryptocurrency.

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