the dogecoin manifesto
Fellowship of the DOGE!

Dogecoin rebounding after the last couple of days of the pullback and what should be looking next? So understand, even after all this read in the market, all the fear, all these pullback concerns, we are right back to where we were yesterday and we are starting to push higher. Now I believe this weekend we push high over 35 cents for Dogecoin. And now let’s talk about Dogecoin Manifesto.

What is the Dogecoin Manifesto?

Dogecoin manifesto is trending on Twitter. But this is something it does have a big impact, but it’s about the community. And this is what makes Dogecoin so special is the community is the foundation of what Dogecoin is. If you don’t know, The Dogecoin Foundation is resuming activities and has created its own Manifesto that lovers of Dogecoin will want to know about. It’s something that we have taken and manifested into something as so much more.

The Dogecoin Manifesto allows anyone to sign it by Tweeting out a pre-done statement. So who signing up? It also includes a list of members that have already signed it. That includes Billy Markus, Gary Lachance, Jens Wiechers, Max Keller, Michi Lumin, Ross Nicoll, Timothy Stebbing, and Soma Green.

Dogecoin now is a manifesto that contains a public declaration of cryptocurrency for aims, and peoples cannot stop talking about it on Twitter social media platform. So this is the release, the Dogecoin manifesto released and reinvigorated the Dogecoin Foundation. The Dogecoin Manifesto covers the core tenants of the Dogecoin Foundation. It explains that the goal of DOGE is to develop a cryptocurrency for the people while striving to do good every day.

Being useful, being personable, being welcoming and being reliable. That’s what sets Dogecoin apart from any other cryptocurrency, but more importantly, from any other crypto community. The document makes it clear that these four core values that take precedence over technical brilliance, profit driven economics, competition and exclusivity and speed of delivery.

We have seen so much going on with those going over the last couple months. Even with the bearish pullback and all the fear in the market, we have seen Dogecoin continue to be talked about, continue to see mainstream adoption, and we are continuing to see more and more development come with Dogecoin. We did we saw Dogecoin continue to be developed. We saw Elon Musk continue to show up and show out. We continue to see the community grow bones.

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