The Dogecoin Foundation New Announcements

the dogecoin foundation new announcements
Big thing is coming!!

The Dogecoin Foundation is hosting an event Dogecoin AMA on January 23rd, where all ad revenue from that day will be donated to charity. They’re going to do it on the Dogecoin Foundation YouTube channel.

Some people continue to doubt and wonder where Dogecoin devs is going, the devs community are sitting back, working hard and just waiting for some of these big announcements to come out.

What they’re actually doing when it comes to work on this? They are going to be working on some projects.

Dogecoin trail map

  1. Project: makeover & Dogepedia
  2. Project: Libdogecoin
  3. Project: Dogecoin Standard
  4. Project: GigaWallet
  5. Project: Dogecoin Keyring (App / SDK)
  6. Project: RadioDoge (Starlink + Radio nodes for remote locations)
  7. Proposal: Community Staking (Proof of Stake)
  8. Partnership: Point of Sale (L2 app)

They’re making an app that can work with Dogecoin pretty cool to think about, then startling plus radio modes for remote locations.


While roadmap is a term that’s commonly used when new cryptocurrencies are released, it conveys a rigid way forward, led by a single company or ‘lead’.

Dogecoin is a community-driven, consensus based open-source project and its direction is formed by the many individual and organisational contributors to the various projects of the Dogecoin blockchain & ecosystem.

The direction of Dogecoin is paved by the many projects that the community feels best shapes its direction. This is a very intentional decision: it is important that Dogecoin remains a decentralised project with shepherds rather than rulers, each whose projects and contributions stand or fall on their merits.

This Trailmap represents a dog-walk the Dogecoin Foundation is committed to exploring and that we believe will contribute to Dogecoin’s success.

There’s no other cryptocurrency out there but Dogecoin that is focusing in this heavily from a development standpoint on actually being used as the currency of Earth.

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