What Happens If TESLA Accepts DOGECOIN?

tesla accepts doge
Our coin 🚀🚀🚀

One dollar is an important first level to reach. But i think it’s going to keep going higher as well. Could take a little while, though. Where the whole crypto market is kind of stagnant and we’re waiting to see what happens with Bitcoin and this whole energy thing and the shorting and the manipulation and all that.

We got to get through all that. That’s going to take a little while. Now, Elon Musk could pull the trigger with Tesla and Dogecoin could rock it up while the rest of the cryptos are all still stagnant.

What happens if Tesla accepts Dogecoin as payment?

Elon Musk and Tesla accepting Dogecoin as payment would show the world that Dogecoin can be used as a currency. That’s the use case of Dogecoin as a currency. Tesla accepting Dogecoin would propel Dogecoin up.

Now, also in that May 12th video, I had that scene of the cyber truck going down the streets of New York and got a lot of feedback on that. And like everybody wants the cyber truck, I’m still a Model X fan, but that cyber truck does look awfully cool. So let’s think about this Dogecoin for Tesla.

Would you really spend your Dogecoin for a Tesla?

Would you really spend your Doge for a Tesla? Why not just spend your regular money for Tesla and keep the Dogecoin while the price is still going up? That’s what a lot of people are saying. Also, if you’re not getting any special deal by using your Dogecoin, then why spend it? Why not just use your fiat money and buy your Tesla and keep your Doge? That makes sense.

There are some companies that are giving discounts if you use your Dogecoin instead of fiat money. So that gives you an incentive to actually spend Dogecoin. But again, once Dogecoin gets to a price where it seems to be a little stable, there may be spending the dollars going without some special deal would probably make sense.


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