What To Expect From Dogecoin In 2022

What can we expect overall from Dogecoin in 2022? One of the biggest factors that we have here is what’s going on with the economy. We have a emergence of this new virus that we have inflation running wild. So there’s a lot of factors out there that can say. We can stay in a […]

The “Dogefather”: Dogecoin To Mars!!

Elon Musk the “Dogefather” was talking on Twitter just the other day and how he continues to show up and show off for the entire Dogecoin community without anybody really understanding exactly how he is validating Dogecoin as not only a currency. But as something that he believes in truly and wholeheartedly, and how it’s […]

Dogecoin Is Pumping Again : To The MOON

Dogecoin is making a push to the Moon once again. The cryptocurrency is up more than 11 percent in mid-morning trading and has surged as much as 20 percent in the past 24 hours. While Dogecoin was trading at its high prices earlier this year it reached a market cap of almost 85 billion dollars. […]

SpaceX Launching Dogecoin Billboard INTO SPACE!!

We have exciting news for Dogecoin. This coming from an article, it says “Soon you may be able to buy space ads with Dogecoin.” Geomatric Energy Corporation (GEC) will be launching a massive billboard into space with Dogecoin. The company is partnering with SpaceX to launch a CubeSat satellite funded entirely by Dogecoin. GEC will […]

What Robinhood Did and How It Can Prove To Be A Massive Catalyst For Dogecoin!

This next move from the Robinhood could definitely take Dogecoin to the moon and beyond. Now, a lot of people are hesitant to use Robinhood because of the problems that they previously had with the application. It even crashed last month, which made many investors move away from it. We know that hundreds of thousands […]

The 3 Obvious Ways How Can Dogecoin Take Us to The Moon!!

The decision of Coinbase to list Dogecoin is obviously big news, not least for the millions of traders that already use the platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Several platforms are making it possible to trade Dogecoin because cryptocurrency is are not backed by a government. They are kind of risky investments. Cryptocurrency accounts are not protected […]


Everyone craves for the new alts that are going to spike hard this week. But what if we told you there was a coin that can take over the market cap? No matter what the market trend is, whether it’s down, volatile or even crashing, Dogecoin will always find a way to remain under social […]

Elon Musk Mission : Taking Dogecoin to the Moon!!

Elon Musk is a man who does things that people either want to do or dream of doing. Most of the time it’s impossible until he actually does it. He has proven time and time again that you can never predict him and not stop him from trying out certain things, and that if he […]

This is the right time to invest in Dogecoin: Elon Musk

Dogecoin is experiencing dip of more than 20 percent right now following the Saturday Night Live crash. Dogecoin has gained traction as a crypto that is fast becoming a solid medium for the direct conversion of one currency into another. People are starting to see how fast the transaction of Dogecoin is. This means of […]

Ten Dollar Dogecoin is Possible. Here is how

Dogecoin currently sits at around 30 cents per doge. The price of dogecoin is expected to reach 10 dollars in the near future. The path to a  ten dollar dogecoin is going to be a long one, but there are some key dates which have just been announced which could indicate the dates where this […]

The Top 4 Reasons Dogecoin Mooning Next Week!!

The chances of dogecoin mooning are pretty much high, with investor sentiment utterly positive towards Dogecoin. Right before it moons is when an investor can truly benefit from it. If it manages to surpass the one dollar mark, we could ultimately see the coin enter into the top five crypto currencies in the world. Despite […]

Best News For Dogecoin!! New Deal Between SpaceX and NASA!

Hello and welcome to another video on Crypto Lion, anyone who’s been remotely viewing Twitter or following any news network understands that Elon Musk’s business, SpaceX just recently won a 2 point nine billion dollar contract from NASA in order to send out people to the moon. This is best news for Dogecoin. Most of […]