Here Is Why Dogecoin Still Bullish!!

Despite the massive crash for Dogecoin and cryptocurrencies, things are even more bullish than ever. Bitcoin price to hit 100k in 2021 or early 2022. This is the standard most analysts pretty much everyone who is involved in cryptocurrencies, banks, financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchange CEOs, YouTubers, people who invest in no cryptocurrencies. They know that […]

A Couple Reasons Dogecoin Is Going To Rally Back to 35 cents

Bitcoin has finally gone past the 52k mark for the very first time since the market crash last month. And yet Dogecoin is still down by around two percent. If we look at Dogecoin correlation with Bitcoin, it currently stands at 47. Just three days ago, it stood over 70. I think this is because […]


Dogecoin been around since 2013, but it rose to fame only a few months ago. The sudden growth was mostly owing to retail investors artificially inflating the price. Dogecoin price increases have also been fueled by celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. There’s no scarcity in Dogecoin. This means that buyers will need to […]


Dogecoin rebounding after the last couple of days of the pullback and what should be looking next? So understand, even after all this read in the market, all the fear, all these pullback concerns, we are right back to where we were yesterday and we are starting to push higher. Now I believe this weekend […]

DOGECOIN : Ready To Move Higher!!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dogecoin price was stuck at the 20 cent level. Now we’re up around 26 cents. And we’ve seen the massive volume becoming a widow’s point without a lot of breaking news. Technical analysis and more people believe that we could be on the brink of a breakout and with […]


Dogecoin is blasting off right now. We’re seeing all of the cryptos take off, things are happening like we’ve never seen before. Dogecoin can move more than any crypto out there. Dogecoin can move very strong, very fast. And it’s very consistent with doing this. It always outperforms the market in time. When things seemed […]

Crypto Market, Dogecoin Still Down: What’s Going On?

The crypto markets are still down. So what’s going on? Some people call this the accumulation phase, where a lot of people are accumulating. That means a lot of other people are selling. There’s also some fun going on. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Media still throwing shade at crypto currencies, particularly Dogecoin. Let’s start by […]

Dogecoin Go For 90% Upside!! Should I Buy Or Wait??

Dogecoin is consolidating at roughly 50 cents. Volume has absolutely plummeted, going from in hourly volume of one million to sometimes like ten million. So far, Dogecoin right now is chilling at a pretty good spot. Dogecoin could easily be hitting a dollar Analysts say Dogecoin could easily be hitting a dollar and go for […]

Will Dogecoin Comeback to the Glory Days??

Dogecoin has been swimming through the lows for a few days now, we wouldn’t exactly call it a low, since it’s reasonably higher than its price level at this time. Despite the current general correction, Doge has had a wild ride in April, rising over 400 percent. People are looking to forget the cloudy moodiness […]

Ten Dollar Dogecoin is Possible. Here is how

Dogecoin currently sits at around 30 cents per doge. The price of dogecoin is expected to reach 10 dollars in the near future. The path to a  ten dollar dogecoin is going to be a long one, but there are some key dates which have just been announced which could indicate the dates where this […]

How High Will Dogecoin Go?? Lessons From An Expert!!

Welcome back to video. Now, straight away off the bat, what we are seeing today in Dogecoin is definitely insane. How high will Dogecoin go? Let’s have a look at what’s taking place today. So over the last 12 hours or so, Dogecoin has simply rallied to absolutely insane new highs. If you’ve been somebody […]

What will happen to dogecoin now! Dogecoin value forecast

Dogecoin is not a cryptocurrency you might anticipate to hear on the lips of apparently expert crypto enthusiasts, because it’s not regarded as an institutional fantastic investment. Nevertheless, this investment has actually been on the lips of some of the world’s most important individuals, and it’s gained even more traction than Bitcoin and Ethereum in […]