So Many Good Things Coming Out Towards Dogecoin!!

Dogecoin had an extreme spike that took us all the way to 26 cents. And then the whales decided to sell and we came back down to the consolidation period, which is close to 24 and 25 cents. We have been on a consolidation period, which is incredible. Even AMC announced that they will be […]

Some Negative Thoughts About Dogecoin by A Couple Of Analysts. Do You Agree?

Doges forming a bullish flag pattern on the daily and hourly charts, and it seems like Doge can run up to test the resistance level of 30.5 cents. Tomorrow in the daily chart, we see three consecutive candles. And if you draw the same trend lines, you will see that the latest green candle on […]


Dogecoin been around since 2013, but it rose to fame only a few months ago. The sudden growth was mostly owing to retail investors artificially inflating the price. Dogecoin price increases have also been fueled by celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. There’s no scarcity in Dogecoin. This means that buyers will need to […]

What Is Happening With Dogecoin! Bullish or Bearish?

Dogecoin, sitting at 32 cents before then we saw a nice, nice bounce to the downside. But like I’ve been selling you a pullback or a consolidation in a bull market and an upward trajectory or opportunities in this market. We saw Bitcoin get down to low as 47 thousand and Dogecoin touch some very, […]

DOGECOIN : Ready To Move Higher!!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dogecoin price was stuck at the 20 cent level. Now we’re up around 26 cents. And we’ve seen the massive volume becoming a widow’s point without a lot of breaking news. Technical analysis and more people believe that we could be on the brink of a breakout and with […]

How To Take Advantage Of The Dogecoin DIP

Dogecoin, for instance, has been on a scary uptrend this year and even crazier downtrend that has seen many holders dumping it in a panic. We sure didn’t see either coming. The low value of Dogecoin means it can be pumped massively and grow by a thousand percent or more, which can only be attained […]

My Dogecoin Community!! Be Patient, Do Our Research and Understand The Market

When everybody’s been fearful, when everyone’s talking about manipulation going. We’ve been talking every single day how this is a power on the table opportunity. This is a massive accumulation zone. This is a great time to be greedy in this market and to accumulate to dollar cost averaging down or the dollar cost averaging. […]

Dogecoin Go For 90% Upside!! Should I Buy Or Wait??

Dogecoin is consolidating at roughly 50 cents. Volume has absolutely plummeted, going from in hourly volume of one million to sometimes like ten million. So far, Dogecoin right now is chilling at a pretty good spot. Dogecoin could easily be hitting a dollar Analysts say Dogecoin could easily be hitting a dollar and go for […]

Dogecoin Future Prediction? Dogecoin Is Going Crazy!

Dogecoin has experienced extreme cost volatility like any other cryptos from its initial production. Until now, the journey is remarkable. What is Dogecoin future? What are the predictions we have? Hey, guys, welcome back to Faqts. We produce videos about financing, cryptocurrency, CFT and other interesting financial investment subjects. In today’s video, we will expose […]