Elon Musk Big Plans For Dogecoin in 2022

Elon Musk has made multiple comments about 2022 being a big year for Dogecoin. That means he has multiple big plans. Some of them we already know about and multiple of the other plans we don’t even know about yet. Elon Musk is going to be continuing to leave some clues Spike Edge is still […]

Happy 8th Birthday Dogecoin!

Dogecoin celebrated its 8th birthday yesterday on December 6th and it was a big celebration, at least on Twitter. Billy Markus was having fun tweeting and a lot of people having a good time. Happy Birthday DOGE! The price also was going up throughout the day. It didn’t sour anybody’s mood. Prices retracted a little […]


After the mega crypto crash that happened last night with 24 hours of absolute pain around the entire market with growing impatience and growing fear in the market. What should we be looking for in a new short term with Dogecoin after seeing their massive break to the downside? There are good days and bad […]


Dogecoin shorts are at an all time high squeeze incoming. Could we be seeing a squeeze happening with Dogecoin? And let’s hop over to this article. Dogecoin shorts hit an all time high, so the number of margined Dogecoin short positions over on Bitfinex, one of the largest crypto exchanges has reached fifteen point nine […]

LISTEN! Michael Saylor Confirmed This About Dogecoin!

DOGE has been one of the best performing assets among cryptocurrency investors this year. As a result, this will be an interesting cryptocurrency to keep an eye on for a while. Over the last few days Dogecoin price, like the majority of the cryptocurrency market has seen heavy selling. But unlike most altcoins, Dogecoin is […]

Reasons Why You Might Want to Invest in Dogecoin Instead of Shiba Inu

Dogecoin hit its two month high last week. The Shiba Inu coin also hit an all time high, but has crashed from its peak. Dogecoin was traded for ship tokens ahead of Robinhood’s rumored listing on the Robinhood platform. Shiba hit a new price high, only to drop sharply by 10 percent. Dogecoin and Shiba […]


I’m going to be talking about is what is happening with a price action with Bitcoin and Dogecoin right now going into this weekend and what is going to happen in the next 48 hours that is going to change the landscape of Bitcoin and Dogecoin forever as we are about to go parabolic. It […]


DOGE, according to all that investor is a good long term investment. According to their Dogecoin forecast, a price increase is on the way. Dogecoin’s possible price in 2021 is 35.2 cents, with a maximum price of 39.7 cents expected in 2022. Dogecoin will gradually rise in value over the next few years, but it […]


Cryptos kind of work in cycles, and it looks like this is happening on a pattern. It’s going to take a little bit more momentum to get Dogecoin moving back up. There was a lot of things going on that said, breakout and Dogecoin certainly did, and this was the breakout up to 70 cents. […]

Dogecoin Price Could Follow Bitcoin Price Rally Soon!

DOGE has gained momentum in the market as it gained over 4.8 percent and is holding well above the 25 cents mark. Meanwhile, bitcoin has reached a new all time high above $66000 after the debut of the Bitcoin Futures Exchange Traded Fund. Experts believe that Dogecoin may soon follow the Bitcoin price rally and […]

This Why Dogecoin Ready To Explode

Beincrypto.com says Dogecoin correction looks complete, shows signs of long term upward movement. Of course, it’s not that easy. It’s not that simple. We don’t just go to a website with positive news and see that said, it’s 100 percent guaranteed. But let’s see it. Dogecoin is finally showing signs of potential bullish reversal. So […]

The “Dogefather”: Dogecoin To Mars!!

Elon Musk the “Dogefather” was talking on Twitter just the other day and how he continues to show up and show off for the entire Dogecoin community without anybody really understanding exactly how he is validating Dogecoin as not only a currency. But as something that he believes in truly and wholeheartedly, and how it’s […]