Dogecoin And Crypto CRASH!! What’s Next??

There was a huge crash that happened around about 24 hours ago. Most of that was caused by greedy leveraged traders. Remember, the market is often manipulated. The whales and institutions often manipulate the market. The president of El Salvador tweeted that he bought bitcoin after the dip. They loan it to these countries and […]

Some Negative Thoughts About Dogecoin by A Couple Of Analysts. Do You Agree?

Doges forming a bullish flag pattern on the daily and hourly charts, and it seems like Doge can run up to test the resistance level of 30.5 cents. Tomorrow in the daily chart, we see three consecutive candles. And if you draw the same trend lines, you will see that the latest green candle on […]


We have some very good news from cryptocurrency. We’ve had some very good news this morning, which is also going to be helping out the entire crypto market. So a person who is potentially about to become the mayor of New York City is going to be crypto friendly. Mayoral candidate pledges to make NYC […]

MrBeast Promotes Dogecoin Ethereum and Bitcoin!!

MrBeast is one of the biggest content creators in the world. He has more than 69 million subscribers. And in the video, MrBeast did a sponsorship from one particular company, Coinbase, which is currently the largest exchange in the United States with over 50 million people currently use it. It’s impressive what they’ve been able […]