Dogecoin is in use in more stores. The price could rise soon.

Dogecoin isn’t feeling so well right now, especially going up to like 37 cents, but in fact, it’s actually stabilizing and somewhat of a downward trend. Sheetz is going to be accepting Dogecoin, Bitcoin and even Litecoin for payments at its outlets. The market may reach 5 to 10 trillion over the next few years. […]

Dogecoin Accepted By Businesses In US, CANADA and EUROPE!! The Future Looks Bright for Dogecoin

Most countries, except Fiat as a payment system, are now accepting Dogecoin as a mode of payment. This is good news for the Doge community as people want to buy, invest and hold their Doge still. Over time people will use Doge to buy cars, flights and restaurant meals. For them to be accepted as […]