Dogecoin As Currency!! – What You need To Know

Dogecoin being used as currency to buy things. Now when we think of Dogecoin, a lot of us hodling it and expecting it to go to the Moon. But it’s great if the currency actually has a use case not just to HODL, that’s what’s become of Bitcoin. Dogecoin can be what Bitcoin was meant […]

Why Dogecoin Is The Chosen Currency

Dogecoin has solidified itself not only as a top crypto asset, not only as a top 10 crypto asset, but a real world currency. Dogecoin is not just a meme coin. It has real world use case. Dogecoin traded 2 percent lower at 24 or 25 cents over the last 24 hours, leading up early […]

Doge Father : Dogecoin is Better Than Bitcoin and Ethereum

Elon Musk calling Dogecoin the currency of the world. He believes that Dogecoin can become the cryptocurrency and the currency of the entire world. Elon Musk comment came as a response to a tweet by Dogecoin investor and YouTuber Matt Wallace. “Reminder: The Dogecoin update is coming soon. It will position Doge perfectly to become one of […]

Dogecoin Is The Future Cryptocurrency Of Earth!!

Dogecoin has gone from being less than half of a penny to near 30 cents. But the best part is that Dogecoin is likely just getting started compared to what it’s capable of being. If you go and look at the market cap of cryptocurrency, you can see Dogecoin currently at 40.1 billion approximately. You […]