Ad Of The Day : Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen Star In Commercial FTX (They Mention Dogecoin)

There were a lot of announcements about new Dogecoin partnerships today. It’s important for us to look at them during these tough times because they might just prove to be a big catalyst for DOGE this month. A really short but significant mention of Dogecoin in the ad The first one was the most surprising […]

Some Positive Crypto News That Have Been Happening In the Market!!

Amazon‘s plan to accept crypto currencies has led to a price spike in the market. Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, says he is working on a plan to work on cryptocurrency payments. He also talks about some old coins like Dogecoin, like Cardano, like Ethereum. The technicals for Bitcoin right now are looking absolutely amazing. The […]

Some Interesting Dogecoin and Crypto News Today!

Cathie Wood,  is a founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest. She did something recently that suggest that we’re going to see a huge Dogecoin and Bitcoin spike pretty soon. Cathie Wood has invested more than a billion dollars in Coinbase now before I tell you why this is really bullish for Dogecoin. Cathie Wood […]