Dogecoin Fixes This!! Amazon To Stop Accepting Visa Do To High Transaction Fees

This week we look at a breaking update with Amazon and what is going on between Amazon and Visa. And how Dogecoin can fix all of this and how we’re already seeing the partnership that’s in the works. With Amazon expanding their cryptocurrency base by accepting cryptocurrency through the third party that is BitPay, that […]

DOGECOIN : What Is CPI And Golden Cross?? – All You Need To Know

We actually moved further into fear. A lot of it had to do with that fake WalMart news, but this is good. We had a very big bounce in the market, which was followed by a significant correction. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) came out today and it’s looking good for crypto The Consumer Price […]


We have some very good news from cryptocurrency. We’ve had some very good news this morning, which is also going to be helping out the entire crypto market. So a person who is potentially about to become the mayor of New York City is going to be crypto friendly. Mayoral candidate pledges to make NYC […]