Are Bitcoin and Dogecoin Entering a Bear Market?

It looks like we’re starting to creep into bear market territory now. Some key support levels have been broken, particularly in Bitcoin. We’ll take a look at that in the charts. The news also hasn’t really been great. The news from China with the know stopping mining operations. So that is reducing cash rates, really […]

This Is Why I Need Buying More Dogecoin Dip

Can Elon Musk and Mark Cuban be the two individuals that could turn Dogecoin into a cryptocurrency that is supported all around the world? Dogecoin the once joke based currency now has a chance to turn into a legitimate currency. Every person who has invested or is currently invested in Dogecoin wants Dogecoin to be […]

Dogecoin has the Potential to Achieve All Time Highs at any time!

I’m an expert in technical analysis and I make videos calling up big plays on Dogecoin, telling you what to buy and sell. Last night, Elon Musk sent another tweet. He says, The Doge father, Saturday Night Live, May 8th. That’s when the Asian markets open up, that’s when a lot of other things are […]

Will Dogecoin Comeback to the Glory Days??

Dogecoin has been swimming through the lows for a few days now, we wouldn’t exactly call it a low, since it’s reasonably higher than its price level at this time. Despite the current general correction, Doge has had a wild ride in April, rising over 400 percent. People are looking to forget the cloudy moodiness […]

This Is The Reason Why You Should Buy Dogecoin Now!!!

Is Dogecoin preparing for another parabolic rally? This is reason why you should buy dogecoin now. Let’s get into it. Look, I have a trading legion where we’re on top of this market like peanut butter, on top of jelly, like there’s a single person, he stated he started out with seventy five K in […]