What Is Happening with Bitcoin and Dogecoin??

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are still stuck in this massive accumulation zone. Bitcoin is still holding at  a 22.5 billion dollar valuation and the volume is pretty much stagnant. We’re not seeing any crazy volume with Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any of these altcoins This is happening throughout the market. We need to break back above 46K […]

Bitcoin and Dogecoin Struggle With Federal Reserve Looming!

Dogecoin price down 13 percent after breaking to the upside. The bearish we saw Dogecoin break to the upside on Elon Musk‘s announcement. But now with the overall crypto market still in, that bears down Jay stay with all the fear and uncertainty. Could everything be wrong in history, not repeat itself? Yes, that is […]

Does Dogecoin Follow Bitcoin?

What’s going on in the markets? not only Dogecoin, but other cryptos as well. So does Dogecoin follow Bitcoin? The answer is sometimes. Sometimes it does, and sometimes Dogecoin has a mind of its own. Some people are worried about what’s going on. Now for those that are just saying, Dogecoin is going to go […]


I’m going to be talking about is what is happening with a price action with Bitcoin and Dogecoin right now going into this weekend and what is going to happen in the next 48 hours that is going to change the landscape of Bitcoin and Dogecoin forever as we are about to go parabolic. It […]