Dogecoin Amazon Partnership Needs To Be Spread!!

Starting from being addressed as a mere joke currency, Dogecoin has now stepped in and is finally getting accepted at the e-commerce and dotcom giant Amazon, which looks like the request from nearly 250000 audience members is finally coming into play. Dogecoin and Amazon partnership can elevate the market There has been much hue and […]

DOGECOIN : Will Jeff Bezos Enter As A Second Player?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos could be the only investor who can propel Dogecoin value above one dollar. A purchase from Bezos would be a game changer for the meme based cryptocurrency development. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has also frequently praised and applauded the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. Jeff Bezos will take over as a second […]

Dogecoin is not going to zero! Amazon To Accept Dogecoin For Payments!

Dogecoin has seen a double bottom in the last one hour. If it doesn’t bounce up from here, it’s going to be going lower. There’s talk of Amazon allowing people to purchase anything on Amazon with Dogecoin. If Amazon does allow this, DogeCoin will probably go straight up. It will be sixty eight cents and […]