spacex gearing up
Something big is coming

Earlier this week, we saw the headline that Elon Musk was moving the Tesla headquarters all the way from California to Texas that started making headlines all across the internet getting a ton of attention.

But now we have another big Elon Musk story in the internet, and this one is even more tied directly to Dogecoin than the other one.

SpaceX is planning a lot of missions funded with Dogecoin

SpaceX has now hit a 100 billion dollar valuation, even though it is not even a public company yet, which means that Elon Musk now currently owns the single highest valued private company in the entire United States, which is pretty impressive once this thing does actually go public and starts having people buying in shares right now.

SpaceX is planning a lot of missions funded with Dogecoin, and as they get bigger as a company. So will their outreach and so their ability to impact social things and other things involving finance. But on top of that, this is just pretty dang incredible because we’ve never seen anyone in the world with the ability to create successful companies at the reach that Musk is doing it right now.

He is on track to become the world’s first trillionaire by a large amount. And if he already has this much influence now, just imagine what could happen if we see that skyrocketing even more. According to multiple studies and reports, more than 50 percent of people in the United States know where Dogecoin is, and there’s only two cryptos for more than 50 percent. Know what it is. That’s Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

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