SpaceX DOGE-1 Moon Mission Will Take DOGECOIN To $1 Dollar

spaceX mission

A lot of people saying Dogecoin is dead. But Dogecoin is not going to go anywhere. It’s stagnant. There are plenty of catalysts still on the horizon. AMC that literally just came out and it just came out and said that Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Those are good to go. Dogecoin is next. As far as payments for AMC. We still have the update that we just actually launch just now, and it’s going to be taken into effect very soon if it hasn’t already. 

We still have VeriFone, which has a connection and has a partnership with BitPay that’s going to allow cryptocurrencies to be used anywhere. You see a VeriFone machine, which is and a lot of places like Macy’s, Costco, Walmart. VeriFone is used in many places for payments at the cash register. So the fact that they partnered with BitPay is huge.

The mission is named DOGE-1 because the project was funded entirely by Dogecoin

And also we have DOGE-1 rocket ship that’s literally going to put a Dogecoin on the literal moon. Those kind of skyrocket to one dollar. A SpaceX confirms DOGE-1 moon mission. Dogecoin funds satellite to the Moon Dogecoin price action position for bullish entries Dogecoin price may get a massive spike due to some fundamental factors involving a planned satellite launch by SpaceX that will go to the Moon by itself.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal. However, the big deal is this. The mission is named DOGE-1 because the project was funded entirely by Dogecoin. Adding to the importance of this event is the type of satellite a CubeSat which has never been launched to the Moon.

Therefore, DOGE-1 will likely be the first CubeSat to reach the Moon, beating NASA’s planned launch. This event will likely have a strong effect on Dogecoin’s price. Yet Dogecoin’s price action remains noisy, messy and indecisive. Point and figure charts help filter out the noise associated with candlesticks. By focusing only on price action, there is no volume or time factor in point of figure analysis.

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