robinhood massive hints for dogecoin
Robinhood may soon introduce DeFi features on its platform

Robinhood COO, Christine Brown said something really interesting today. We know that the wallets are coming out next year, but still, this isn’t the only big development for Robinhood. She said in a recent interview that staking, lending and other decentralized finance tools are under consideration.

If they like what they see, they might not come back. But stagnancy in this fast-paced market is an even greater risk, especially when splashy headlines about DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFTs show Robinhood Crypto customers what they might be missing. It’s going to be big for Dogecoin because Robinhood’s going to focus a bit more on DOGE compared to other cryptos when it comes to these features.

Robinhood Crypto COO, CTO Hint That DeFi Features Are Coming

On Wednesday, Robinhood announced it will launch a waitlist next month to start allowing withdrawals of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin, and that all users will be able to move coins onto or off the app by early 2022.

“We are enabling our users to take the crypto that they own, move it off the app if they want to, opening up a broader crypto ecosystem,” said Robinhood Crypto COO Christine Brown. “It also enables users who want to consolidate on a single platform to come to Robinhood, get commission-free trading, and all the benefits that we have on our app.

“We would love to give more opportunities for our customers,” Brown said onstage at Mainnet, “that would actually make [crypto] a utility in their lives and not just an investment asset.”

Onstage with Brown at Mainnet, Robinhood Crypto CTO Johann Kerbrat echoed the same hints: “We can’t tell too much about our roadmap, but something I’m really excited about is staking in general,” he said. “When we are talking about the inflation rising, and savings accounts that are not producing any yield, I think staking could be something very interesting for a lot of people.”

Christine Brown also said that we can’t tell too much about our roadmap. She said that a lot of customers haven’t transacted on chain. So the idea of managing their own keys is something that maybe they don’t actually want to do.

The point is that people will still be using Robinhood for Dogecoin

The point is that people will still be using Robinhood for Dogecoin, storing their DOGE. And it’s great because until now we’ve seen that Robinhood’s and Dogecoin success have been pretty much tied to each other. So all of this is great for Dogecoin’s success, too.

A lot of people are concerned about what has happened in September. This indicates that historically, September has been a very red month for crypto, and 2021 will be no different. However, October, November and December have traditionally been extremely gray months, and this year’s bull run appears to be quite similar to what happened in 2017.  When we witnessed the biggest gains in the crypto market. And the point is that the last three months of 2017 were really bullish for crypto.


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