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WenWallets? and NowWallets!

Now it’s official Robinhood wallets have been released to some of the early people who signed up. And that gives them the ability to send and receive DOGE.

And it’s not all the way released to everyone yet, but this right here suggests that it’s already working is already in place. They already have the systems ready.

When Robinhood embrace Dogecoin, it can actually help Robinhood as a company

And once again, proving that when Robinhood embrace Dogecoin just like we’ve been seeing this entire time, it can actually help Robinhood as a company. Now, this is just the first tiny step of a long way to still go when it comes to helping DOGE partnering with companies.

We want to see every single bit of energy they can possibly give to DOGE been given, and then they will be rewarded massively by having more energy and a wee better platform overall that continues to bring in new people and continues to be profitable like it was before.

What we need is a button right here that says shop, and then you can have any company in the world who wants to partner with Robinhood. They can basically have a simple integration where you put the Robinhood interface on your website.

Then anyone who wants to buy with Dogecoin can just simply click shop. You can look at all the shops except DOGE, and you can order online without even having to go through two clicks or three clicks.

One click most likely and you can buy something with Dogecoin shot. If you want to have a marketplace like eBay or something where you can actually buy or sell and see things using Dogecoin. That would be the other option, they’re a sell button through Robinhood, making all this easy integration that actually changes the game on the blockchain.

As you know, I have been talking to Vlad Tenev, the CEO of Robinhood trying to make sure we get this through. And he has directed me to a few people who can help with this. So hopefully we’ll be able to make sure this actually works well and hopefully it will truly change the game as we are expecting for Dogecoin.

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