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Robinhood is launching a beta version of its crypto wallet in mid-January

There are some exciting news coming from Robinhood for Dogecoin. Robinhood has successfully completed its Alpha Wallets program for cryptos like Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

And as per Robinhood CEO Christine Brown, they are now going to enter the Beta Wallets program.

Robinhood is launching a beta version of its crypto wallet in mid-January

And she has revealed that the top themes of this beta program will include more education for users, additional clarity around the network or gas fees, and top map security. She also stated that with beta wallets, Robinhood will be connecting millions of Robinhood app customers to the blockchain, including some for the first time.

Christine Brown also announced that the Beta Wallet’s phase will start in mid-January, and the good thing is that it will enable a larger group of users from the waitlist to gain access. While alpha focused on a small batch of customers and 1:1 engagement, beta will roll out to tens of thousands of customers.

Dogecoin has the lowest transaction rate compared to Bitcoin and other cryptos

Robinhood CEO Christine Brown had earlier revealed that they were using Dogecoin for their upcoming wallet, this is because Dogecoin has the lowest transaction fee compared to other cryptos like Ethereum. And we know that as a part of this test, Robinhood sent Dogecoin to an external wallet for the very first time.

In order to test the much anticipated feature and as per the results shared by Cristine Brown, a transaction of 420 Dogecoin tokens was processed for a transaction fee of merely 0.02 DOGE. So this test by Robinhood proves that Dogecoin has currently the lowest transaction fee, and this is why it is the best crypto in the market for making payments in other transactions.

Transferring Dogecoin is significantly cheaper than transferring Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other crypto. So this is why Robinhood has been testing the Dogecoin wallets feature for their platform. And this is why Dogecoin is the best crypto in terms of utility.



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