3 Reasons I’m Not Selling My Dogecoin

reason not sell my dogecoin
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I’m gonna talk about the three reasons that I am not selling Dogecoin and the reason I am holding and the reason I am a stay part of the Doge Army and hold for the long term. This is not a reason, but this is an over overwriting statement I’m about to make. I fundamentally believe in Doge and I believe that Doge is a sleeping giant right now and I believe that Doge is going to go up.

Dogecoin is a sleeping giant

My first reason that I will not sell my Doge that I love Doge, it’s kind of there’s multiple things inside of it. But the first reason is Dogecoin has 26 billion market cap and a top ten, actually number eight crypto. It is a sleeping giant. It is not going anywhere. That is an absolutely insane valuation.

And there is Doge army, there is the community built around it that has pushed it and propelled it to that very large market cap. Because the community. Is absolutely an important part of this, and it’s not a kind of rap within that, there is the think that everybody who owns Doge just kind of looking at each other and kind of saying, yeah, I think it is kind of a sleeping giant. I think it is just kind of asleep right now. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re looking at it from a long term hold.

Media and celebrity factor

The second reason why I’m not selling my Doge and holding onto my Dogecoin is that is the media and celebrity factor. Dogecoin is the coin that has garnered and get another word of the day doing some good ones today, garnered and gathered. Dogecoin has the Elon Musk factor. The fact that when the man tweets or when he opens his mouth, people listen, especially with relation to crypto.

And and he has the power to move markets, to move these cryptos. And with one word, he can send Dogecoin soaring. He owns Dogecoin. Remember, he even mentioned and he said that he owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Those are the three that he said he owned. So that means that that celebrity factor is huge.

It is a big deal because that celebrity factor then the media picks it up. And It it becomes global news. Global news does what it creates interest or interest does what people come and they look and they buy and they become Dogecoin holders. What does that do? It raises the price.

The power of Doge as a currency

The third reason that I’m not selling my Dogecoin is I  believe in the power of Doge as a currency. That will be used in some form or fashion, along with Tesla, we’ve already seen it. And also Dogecoin was used to pay for putting a satellite in space.

Dogecoin price right now it’s at 19, 20 cents and it’s hadn’t done anything. It’s not moving. But here’s the thing. It and it’s not dropping. It’s not going down dramatically. And that’s where it’s going to stay for the short to mid-term for a month or two or whatever it may be until we get the markets going to begin a bull run in fourth quarter of 2021 and Dogecoin will rise with it.

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