Plaintiffs Allege Elon Musk Utilizing Extensive Resources for Harassment in New Dogecoin Lawsuit

New court documents in the lawsuit against Elon Musk regarding Dogecoin (DOGE) reveal that the plaintiffs are accusing him of funding a harassment campaign against them. The attorney representing the plaintiffs claims that Musk and his lawyer are using unlawful tactics to discredit him and his clients. The attorney alleges that Musk’s lawyer attacked his competency in a news article and leaked a private letter between them to the media. The attorney argues that this leak was only possible if the defense counsel or someone acting on their behalf provided it to the media. The leaked letter claimed that the accusations against Musk were baseless. The attorney asserts that this unlawful harassment campaign is being funded by Musk’s “bottomless war chest.” In June, the attorney tried to remove Musk’s lawyer from the case due to the leaked letter, stating that it violated ethics rules. Musk was originally sued in June 2022 by a group of investors who claim that he manipulated the price of DOGE, causing them financial losses. As per the lawsuit, Musk defrauded investors when promoting DOGE and the plaintiffs are seeking compensation for their losses.

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