More than 200k Signatures Petition For Amazon to Accept Dogecoin!!

petition amazon accept dogecoin
That would be great. Yes.

The petition for Amazon to accept Dogecoin has hit over 200,000 signatures. The number of signatures have doubled in about a month. This petition has been around for nearly five years and just in the last month or so, nearly doubled the number of petitions, people who have signed it.

The Ellen Show is now talking about accepting Dogecoin. Many car companies, a couple of those are already announcing that they’re accepting Dogecoin.

Amazon is having their new CEO

And Amazon is being an innovative company, a leader in many areas. They should be doing it, too. Amazon recently announced their earnings and their revenue beat expectations. Sales surged forty four percent and the revenue was one hundred and eight point five billion dollars in the first quarter of this year. Amazon is having their new CEO, Andy Jassy, who’s going to become the new CEO of Amazon.

This is really big news because Andy Jassy has had years and years of experience of building out Amazon Web Services RWC. He’s been with them since the inception of it since 2003 and his net worth is four hundred and forty million dollars. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s new CEO, Andy Jassy, has experience building software.

Having someone at the head of the company who understands software well, understands just software in general is going to be really, really crucial moving forward, especially for cryptocurrency. He says once Jassy is confirmed as CEO, Amazon will make an announcement about accepting Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and crypto currencies in general.

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