Oscar Mayer Dogecoin Hot Dog Release!!

oscar mayer dogecoin hot dog

Dogecoin is not the only digital asset that has dropped significantly since they reached their all time highs, as the majority of crypto assets have shed a significant portion of their gains within the past few months. The price of Dogecoin has currently surged above the 20 cents level, but the trigger of the recent upward movement isn’t certain.

According to data from BET info charts, the number of Dogecoin addresses holding large deposits of the token has greatly increased, although the current value of the coin is still far from its all time high, the overall yearly performance has been great.

Dogecoin-Themed Pack Of Hot Dogs From Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer, an American company that produces meat and cold cuts, is doing all its DOGE fans a service by releasing a special Dogecoin hot dog crypto pack. Oscar Mayer initially announced an auction for these Dogecoin-themed wieners. The wieners of this auction won’t just receive the only pack of Oscar Mayer hot dogs winners in the world, but also enough cash to purchase 20k Dogecoins.

The auction description reads:

Very meat! So wiener! Much taste!

Keep It Oscar on your trip to the moon and help a good cause at the same time with this one-of-a-kind 10-pack of weenies.

The winner of this auction won’t just receive the only pack of Oscar Mayer Hot Doge Wieners in the world, but also enough cash to purchase 20,000 Dogecoins.

The auction was held on Ebay, and there wasn’t any option for placing a bid in Dogecoin. One Twitter user asked the company about it, to which they replied “Not for this one but hopefully the next Hot Doge Rocket!”

The auction attracted a total of 76 bidders, with the winning bid being $15,000. Such an incredible price has made the pack of hot dogs the most expensive in history. According to Guinness World Records, the previous record was $169. The description also notes that “all proceeds will be donated to Feeding America,” a US-based hunger relief organization.

Oscar Mayer is not the first company to capitalize on Dogecoin’s popularity. Just last month, Burger King Brazil, released a dog food product that customers could buy using Doge. Also earlier in the year, Slim Jim, an American snack brand sold globally and manufactured by Conagra Brands and candy bar Snickers have used the joke cryptocurrency for marketing purposes as well. The campaigns had such a strong effect that it helped the cryptocurrency reach a new all time high.

Doge, along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alt coins, had shortly recovered some of their losses, driven by the news from El Salvador that Bitcoin would be officially recognized as legal tender. All in all, the fact that Dogecoin has a strong fan base indicates that the price of Dogecoin can reach new highs. On this note, the Dogecoin price can hit a potential high of 97.4 cents by the end of the year.


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