NVIDIA Taiwan Twitter account gets hacked to promote Dogecoin

NVIDIA Taiwan promoting Dogecoin?

NVIDIA Taiwan account has been taken over by hackers.

With the recent spike of fake accounts thanks to ‘Twitter Blue’ program this is a good reminder to be careful when following links even from official accounts. In this case, this is not a purchased ‘badge’.

The Taiwanese account for NVIDIA has been dormant since 2019 with small engagement. Our job is to follow all the official accounts to get the latest information as quickly as possible. In this case, we were surprised to see the account promoting a Dogecoin spam. This means that the account has been taken over by hackers.

It goes without saying, but do not click on any links posted by this account. Moreover, it’s a good reminder to rotate your passwords from time to time and enable two-factor authorization. This is especially important for official company handles.

Source: NVIDIA Taiwan

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