new york mayor accepting dogecoin
We will open more crypto ATMs & incentivize businesses to accept crypto

We have some very good news from cryptocurrency. We’ve had some very good news this morning, which is also going to be helping out the entire crypto market. So a person who is potentially about to become the mayor of New York City is going to be crypto friendly.

Mayoral candidate pledges to make NYC ‘most cryptocurrency-friendly city in the nation’.

Curtis Sliwa, a beret-wearing Republican running to be the mayor of New York City, said one of the goals of his campaign is to focus on crypto. Right now, there’s a lot of platforms for people that are in New York City can’t buy cryptocurrency and can’t even use some of these platforms. Now, you will hear very soon when this person gets put into the office.

If this happened and when and when it happens, this is going to be very good for cryptocurrency because New York City has a huge population. This is just absolutely phenomenal to see. We’re starting to see some changes around the country with politics for the good of crypto. But look at what he said he’s going to do as the New York City mayor.

Property taxes, fines and fees will be payable and crypto. We will open more crypto ATMs and incentivize businesses to accept crypto. We must modernize our economy and make it accessible to all.

This is extremely bullish for Dogecoin, for cryptocurrency, because there are so many people in New York who can’t even buy Dogecoin because of the strict regulations in New York City for Dogecoin, for cryptocurrency use and much more.

A huge step forward for Dogecoin and cryptocurrency

So this is a huge step forward for Dogecoin. not just Dogecoin, but the crypto market analyst believes this very statement that this coin is headed for much higher highs. This year, we have to understand the crypto market. We have to understand where Bitcoin, where Ethereum is headed. And we know that Dogecoin does move no matter what.

Let’s take a look at coin marketcap, where we can see the crypto marketcap is  2.2  trillion dollars a high. We have not seen that number in a while. Bitcoin up 4 percent. Bitcoin nearly 49000 dollars. Ethereum 38 hundred dollars, breaking another high today. Cardano up 5 percent, 2 dollars 86 cents. Dogecoin up almost 7 percent. We are just about 30 cents and is popping right now. Crypto moves like crazy.

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