New Meme Crypto Surges as Dogecoin’s Value Hits $13M in Presale

The recent surge in the value of meme coin Dogecoin (DOGE) has investors concerned about its sustainability. Despite its gains, DOGE has struggled to break the resistance level at $0.095 since May 2022, leading experts to question its long-term prospects. Meanwhile, a new meme coin called Wall Street Memes (WSM) has gained attention after its presale raised over $13 million. With a community of over one million supporters, WSM is predicted to be the next explosive coin in 2023.

Analysts have raised concerns about DOGE’s recent pump. The coin has fallen below its bullish trendline, indicating potential trouble for the asset. Additionally, DOGE is down 33% compared to Bitcoin, a sign of distress in the overall market. These factors suggest that buying DOGE at this time may not be wise. Instead, experts believe that WSM is positioned for success. With a mission to challenge the Wall Street oligarchy, WSM has garnered support from the online community of r/WallStreetBets. Many experts see WSM as the next Dogecoin, potentially outperforming other meme tokens.

WSM’s presale has been highly successful, raising over $13 million. As the presale supply dwindles, the token is nearing its first listings on crypto exchanges. This has caused investors to scramble to buy tokens before the price potentially explodes on the open market. The experienced team behind WSM, who previously launched the successful Wall Street Bulls NFT collection, inspires trust among investors, which is crucial for the success of any crypto project.

While Dogecoin’s recent pump may not be sustainable, Wall Street Memes is gaining attention as the next potential explosive meme coin. With a record-breaking presale and a strong community of supporters, WSM is poised for success. Investors still have time to get in early and potentially see significant returns once WSM hits the crypto exchanges later this year.

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