MrBeast Promotes Dogecoin Ethereum and Bitcoin!!

mrbeast promotes dogecoin
MrBeast released a video sponsored by coinbase

MrBeast is one of the biggest content creators in the world. He has more than 69 million subscribers. And in the video, MrBeast did a sponsorship from one particular company, Coinbase, which is currently the largest exchange in the United States with over 50 million people currently use it.

It’s impressive what they’ve been able to do. And in this Coinbase sponsorship on MrBeast video, he talks about three cryptocurrency is the first one is Bitcoin. The second one is Ethereum. Then the third one is Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is worth the hype

Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin the three that currently have the highest name recognition. If you’re new and you’re wondering, is Dogecoin actually worth the hype? Yes, it truly is worth the hype. So it’s nice to see them reaching out to big traders like MrBeast to get him involved with promoting Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin and getting more people into cryptocurrency altogether.

The video that MrBeast posted is already up to over six million viewers in only six hours. It’s already number one on trending. And Coinbase isn’t just stopping here. They’re going to reach out to a lot more creators. They’re going to reach out to a lot of new people. They’re going to do commercials. You’re going to go to other countries. They’re going to be advertising like crazy.

Dogecoin is the most undervalued crypto at the top right now

And we now know that Coinbase is going to be including Dogecoin in these advertisements. It’s extremely bullish for Dogecoin. If you’re wondering what is the most undervalued crypto at the top right now, it’s pretty obviously Dogecoin because Dogecoin currently ranked number seven.

And yet one of the biggest exchanges in the entire world is using Dogecoin in their commercials with some of the biggest creators in the world, including MrBeast. So that number is likely going to change soon.

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