Reasons Why Mark Cuban Believes in Dogecoin

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Mark Cuban supports Dogecoin and loves Dogecoin, but he personally doesn’t hold a large amount of Dogecoin as compared to Elon Musk, according to his own words. On May 15th, Mark Cuban tweeted,

And for the record, the only Doge I own is the three thousand two hundred fifty I bought with my 11 year old. And however much has been spent on Mavs merchandise and tickets.

Who is Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban is an American billionaire entrepreneur, television celebrity, and he is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team of the National Basketball Association (NBA). And his net worth is around four point three billion dollars, not online.

Mark Cuban is also co-owner of twenty nine twenty nine entertainment and chairman of Access TV and has a huge fan following, especially on social media. Mark Cuban is a true believer in Dogecoin and he thinks Dogecoin is truly a digital currency that will replace fiat currency in future and will become the currency of Earth.

Why Mark Cuban believes in Dogecoin?

So many other coins are now available in the market that have used cases. And why don’t you back them and talk about them instead of Dogecoin? Mark Cuban quickly reply to that guy tweets and said,

Because Doge is the coin that people actually use for the transaction, we take many others via @Bitpay, but people spend their Doge and that means more businesses will start accepting Dogecoin as a payment option. As long as more companies take Doge for products and services, then Doge can be a usable currency because it may hold its purchasing value better than a dollar in your bank. If interest rates skyrocket or the amount spent falls or stagnates, so will Doge. Yes, a joke is legit.

We agree with Mark Cuban’s point of view, and the reason why Doges so popular nowadays is just that. Now, each day many businesses are starting accepting Dogecoin as a payment option that is driving investors to invest in Dogecoin.

Dogecoin has no commercial use case, so instead of holding and investing to gain profit, people actually use it for transactions, purchasing goods and services because dogecoin offers high transaction speed at minimal fee cost. That’s why recently Coinbase and Coinbase Pro also listed Dogecoin as a trading asset on the platform. Coinbase also announced a one point two million dollar and Doge giveaway for Dogecoin investors.

There are also rumors that Amazon, the largest online marketplace worldwide, will soon list Dogecoin as a payment option, while the companies like sheets and online marketplaces like Newegg already listed Dogecoin as a payment option.

If Elon Musk and Mark Cuban team up, will the price of Dogecoin skyrocket?

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, also aims to make Dogecoin a currency of earth. He wants people to use Dogecoin as a payment option for purchasing goods and services across the globe every day Doge heading towards becoming the currency of Earth.

With the support of someone like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk, Doge has the potential to grow in the future and become the currency of Earth because both have huge fan followings and influence on people and also on the whole crypto market. Now, let’s talk about Mark Cuban and Elon Musk team up how much Dogecoin price will increase?

Elon Musk owns a huge amount of Dogecoin, but the question is not how much Doge they both own. However, the question is if they both team up, will the price of Dogecoin skyrocket? Yes, we are sure if it happens, the price of Dogecoin will skyrocket. Both Mark Cuban and Elon Musk have huge fan followings on social media, and people love them. Any such collaboration announcement regarding Dogecoin between Elon Musk and Mark Cuban can cause huge price inflation.

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