Mark Cuban All In On DOGECOIN!!


mark cuban all in on dogecoin
Mark Cuban speaks about Dogecoin on Fox TV!

Dogecoin price is sitting at 22 cents to 23 cents. Some nice volume coming into Dogecoin. Let’s get in to the news of the day what Mark Cuban just said about Dogecoin and what it is doing to the Dallas Mavericks as a whole organization continuing to show the use case, the utility and the development that is happening with Dogecoin.

Mark Cuban speaks about Dogecoin on Fox TV

So Mark Cuban now owns $1500 in Dogecoin. He just bought a thousand dollars more as he continues to love Dogecoin and show up and show off for the entire community. His team, Dallas Mavericks sell thousands and thousands of dollars in Mavericks merchandise and says it’s better than a lottery ticket and better than some other. This was on Fox Business.

Mark Cuban once again showing up for the entire community. He can say whatever he wants to say, but he threw another $1000 into Dogecoin. But more importantly, you’re hearing the use case the utility and the mainstream adoption with Dogecoin being spent as a currency with thousands of thousands of dollars every single month being influx into the Dallas Mavericks gear through Dogecoin transactions.

People are a lot of people paying Dogecoin. And that’s really because it’s easy to spend. Dogecoin is destined to outperform many people’s expectations. This is the news that you should get pounding the table to get super excited about because it is continuously bringing Dogecoin to the forefront. Bring it to Fox Business, bring it mainstream and continue to show that people want to spend in Dogecoin.

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