Is Elon Musk a Potential Future US President? Perspectives from a Bitcoin Enthusiast

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, could potentially run for President of the United States, according to a poll conducted by Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies. The poll revealed that Musk is the most favorably viewed among traditional political figures, surpassing the popularity of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. However, as a naturalized immigrant, Musk would typically be ineligible to hold the highest office. Balaji Srinivasan, a former CTO of Coinbase and Bitcoin maximalist, proposes a solution to this roadblock: Musk could launch a presidential campaign while advocating for a constitutional amendment that would allow naturalized immigrants to become president. This idea hinges on Musk’s widespread appeal and influential presence in various industries. Srinivasan believes that such an amendment could garner significant support from the American public. While amending the Constitution is a complex process, history has seen significant changes through amendments that address evolving societal values and expand opportunities for individuals. Musk’s transformative figure status and ability to captivate public attention could provide the necessary momentum for a national conversation and push for change. However, amending the Constitution would require the support of lawmakers and a substantial portion of the American population. Musk has consistently demonstrated an ability to inspire passionate support for his endeavors, making a compelling case for amending the US Constitution to accommodate naturalized citizens aspiring to be president.

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