Introducing Britanniacoin’s Official Pre-release: Unveiling a Distinctive Vision for the Future

Aptius Ltd, a British financial enterprise, has created a new cryptocurrency called BritanniaCoin. The pre-sale for BritanniaCoin will start on June 18th, and the cryptocurrency will officially launch later this year. BritanniaCoin is a blockchain that focuses on real-world applications while honoring British cultural heritage. During the pre-sale, 316,000 coins will be available at a fixed price of $6 per coin, in commemoration of the unification of England and Scotland 316 years ago. The pre-sale also includes a software wallet that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

As part of its commitment to charitable causes, BritanniaCoin will donate 10% of the pre-sale proceeds to charity. The cryptocurrency plans to give away 125,000 coins during its summer pre-sale. BritanniaCoin is self-funded and has no silent partners. It aims to create an ecosystem that represents British values, combines historic cultural legacy with technological innovation, and supports charitable organizations like Hearts of Gold.

BritanniaCoin features a proprietary blockchain that offers zero fees and a 20% faster block confirmation time compared to Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has also launched its own hardware wallet platform to enhance customer security, anonymity, and technological innovation. The hardware wallet is currently available to private investors and commercial clients. In the future, BritanniaCoin is considering providing access to hardware wallets for customers of its planned NFT project.

After the ICO, BritanniaCoin plans to launch BritanniaPay, an innovative payment system that integrates blockchain technology. Users will be able to make purchases at UK and international retailers using BritanniaCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other established cryptocurrencies.

The team behind BritanniaCoin includes co-founder and CEO Daniel M. Ashworth, who has over five years of experience in the cryptocurrency sector. Co-founder and CTO Jonathan Peters has expertise in blockchain architecture and algorithmic trading software. COO Demetri Georgiev has experience in logistics operations, and Events Manager Mark Turley has organized entertainment events for over 18 years. Charities Coordinator Mary Johnston, who is involved in the nominated charitable foundation Hearts of Gold, has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing.

For more information about BritanniaCoin, visit their website.

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