‘Insulting’: Elon Musk Denounces Motion to Remove Tesla Attorneys from Dogecoin Lawsuit

Lawyers representing Elon Musk have requested a federal judge to dismiss a complaint that called for their removal from a class-action lawsuit by Dogecoin investors. The plaintiffs accused them of acting improperly, prompting Musk’s lawyers to call the request an “insult” and a waste of the court’s time. In their filing, Musk’s lawyers dismissed the allegations as baseless and failed to pass the court’s “laugh test.” They argued that the accusations, including claims that one of Musk’s lawyers leaked a derogatory letter to the press, were unfounded and inappropriate.

The attorney representing Dogecoin investors, Evan Spencer, accused Musk’s lawyers of engaging in “dirty tactics” and showing a pattern of “deprecating and oppressive misconduct” in the case. Spencer specifically accused one of Musk’s lawyers, Alex Spiro, of leaking a letter to the New York Post that disparaged Spencer’s competence, and requested the judge to dismiss Tesla attorney Allison Huebert over a conflict of interest. Spencer called for Musk’s lawyers to be financially sanctioned for their conduct.

In response, Musk’s legal team denied the leaking accusation and argued that even if it were true, it did not breach any ethics rules. They also refuted the claim of a conflict of interest, stating that New York law allows for representation of executives and their companies simultaneously. Musk has been involved in a court battle with Dogecoin investors since June 2020, with allegations of his involvement in a racketeering scheme to back the cryptocurrency. Musk denies any wrongdoing and has been a vocal supporter of Dogecoin in the past.

Overall, Musk’s lawyers are seeking the dismissal of the complaint, stating that the accusations against them are baseless and inappropriate. They argue that the request for their removal is unwarranted and a waste of the court’s time. The court will ultimately decide whether to grant the motion to dismiss or allow the lawsuit to proceed.

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