HUGE Names Joining DOGECOIN!!

huge names join dogecoin
Snoop Doge 🔥

When it comes to cryptocurrency, influence is everything, and the people who have more of it are going to have a big pull on the markets. Why? Well, because if you don’t know about a crypto, even if it’s the best investment ever, then you can’t possibly know to invest it. You have to hear about it first.

And that’s why some of these people are the ones that are causing crypto currencies to go crazy, go up, go down, whatever the heck they want to do. One tweet, one statement to the media, and they can have a big pool on the market. The first one here may not surprise you. The other two may surprise you a little bit more.

But the first one here is Elon Musk with 35 percent. And by the way, one thing to keep in mind with these stats here is they polled 1000 people to get these numbers. 35 percent of those 1000 people. So that Elon Musk has influenced their investing decisions, not just with crypto, with stocks as well. Elon Musk has a net worth of 178 billion dollars. It makes sense why so many of us are looking to Elon right now. He has 59.4 million followers on Twitter.

It really is the second one on this with 9 percent so significantly less than Elon Musk with his 35 percent. Is Warren Buffett. He said most poor bad things about it. You can tell he doesn’t like Dogecoin. He doesn’t like Bitcoin. So he’s having a bit of a negative pull when it comes to the crypto market. And most of the people looking to him are actually looking at stocks rather than crypto. The stocks that Warren Buffett picks, because he is one of the best investors in the entire world where stocks are what people want to choose to put their money in as well. When it comes to crypto, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Only stocks.

Then we have Snoop Dogg on this list. Snoop Dogg was 7 percent here. That one’s kind of surprising. You wouldn’t think Snoop Dogg would have a for 7 percent of the United States attention when it comes to cryptocurrency and investments in general. Snoop Dogg right now has 19.2 million followers. And on top of that, he’s been like in Dogecoin. So we have two people in the top three on this list. It’s support Dogecoin and like it, which is a huge reason.


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