How High Will Dogecoin Go?? Lessons From An Expert!!

how high will dogecoin go
Not a joke anymore right.

Welcome back to video. Now, straight away off the bat, what we are seeing today in Dogecoin is definitely insane. How high will Dogecoin go? Let’s have a look at what’s taking place today. So over the last 12 hours or so, Dogecoin has simply rallied to absolutely insane new highs.

If you’ve been somebody that’s been following the Dogecoin hype train, you’ve discovered that over this last month and over these last 3 months, Dogecoin has been going absolutely parabolic. Now, what has actually occurred just recently and in today’s video, I’m going to be attempting to tell you the 3 things that are going to happen beside Dogecoin and whether or not it’s going to go up or whether it’s going to decrease.

OK, that’s a way to start to do that. But that is what today’s video is about. So let’s first of all examine what is going on today, because right now what’s taking place is very crucial.  And after that we can get on to where the coin is going to be headed next.

So today, I made a video yesterday talking about Dogecoin and where it was headed next. And I did say that there was going to be a sharp drop, a small drop. Now, of course, this drop is going to be individuals who have purchased Dogecoin around here.

When I was informing you men on my channel, I have actually made several videos about Dogecoin and I did state when Dogecoin price was hovering around the zero point six level and Elon Musk was tweeting about it, I stated that this is a best time to buy which this is not even a spike that we need to be fretted about.

I informed everybody on my channel that I would be purchasing around this point, and I did. And naturally, as you people can see, this is the area where I did take some revenues yesterday. So where is Dogecoin heading next? And how high will Dogecoin go? Since, of course, right now that’s what everybody is wondering. So from yesterday, within the last two days, it’s been extremely fascinating.

We have actually seen Dogecoin do something absolutely remarkable. You see, the important things that’s been fantastic is that overall Dogecoin chart is in fact at a perpetuity high. I remember when Dogecoin was at this cost point right here, people were saying that, wow, this is the greatest Doge is going to go.

There’s many different problems with Doge. And I did lay out these problems. Now, I don’t wish to state that if you are a financier in Dogecoin and if you do purchase the coin, please understand what you’re buying. I do need you to comprehend that if you’re somebody who’s just finding out about Doge due to the fact that it’s trending, please do your research before you buy the coin, because if you don’t, you might end up losing a great deal of money.

And I believe that’s something that a lot of individuals experience. So where is Dogecoin heading next? So this is what we saw. We saw Dogecoin yesterday break the sort of resistance that we broke the perpetuity high of zero point eight nine around the other day.

And the thing is, this spike that simply recently occurred that we just saw is really, really quick, OK, since we saw two we saw that initial break out of nowhere and after that we saw a second burst. OK, so the thing is, right now, dogecoin is once again trending again. And you have to understand that crypto currencies do this all the time.

Now, Dogecoin isn’t just going to keep going up and up and up and up and up with each and every single cryptocurrency. What’s going to occur and what the trend is, is there are spikes like we can see here, and then there are small decreases and after that there are spikes once again.

OK, and after that this in some cases in some coins you have these periods where there’s absolutely nothing going on. All right. There’s simply going to be definitely practically financial obligation.

Now, the important things is, you have to understand when these financial obligation points are and when these points are that you ought to be purchasing and the points where you should be selling, since we’ve seen this with Dogecoin currently.

Keep in mind, for the first time in the year, this is what took place. OK, if you focused around in the year when Dogecoin simply soared, it sort of decreased a bit and after that it soared once again and after that it decreased a bit once again. Now, obviously, that appears extremely fundamental, but this is something that people don’t comprehend.

People tend to overcomplicate things, OK, since it was trending and it increased. And then I keep in mind when it was trending and I was talking with people around here that it was trending, however individuals were still speaking about it. And I said that this is going to turn up again.

But because nobody else is talking about it today, this is the time to purchase. So where is it going to be heading next, in my opinion, with Dogecoin today? And one thing you require to understand is that we have to look at coin market cap since coin market cap is really, really essential.

So coin market cap, let’s take a look at coin market cap and let’s see, OK, what is going on here? Because something individuals need to understand is that Bitcoin does play a big significance on where crypto currencies are going to be and how important and how far they really do get pushed in palmtop.

Now, Dogecoin, you need to comprehend the impact elements that like impact coin. The first thing is, of course, going to be bitcoin, the most valuable crypto on the planet that everybody understands about, and that’s literally bringing people into the cryptocurrency space. You need to understand that, you understand, as Bitcoin increases, the relative opportunity for other currencies to increase is considerably increased.

And what I imply by this is practically the higher the price of Bitcoin goes, the greater the cost of other crypto can go. Because we all understand that Bitcoin is always going to remain the number one dominant cryptocurrency. For how long? We don’t know.

But we can just confidently predict that the Bitcoin market cap is never going to be surpassed by any of these other coins. Meaning that when Bitcoin is going up and up and up, it’s always going to be an interesting time to be purchasing alt coins and alt coins are pretty much any coins that are, you know, these coins, right? Hey, you know, Ethereum, Binit XP, Cordona, all these are the coins, but we’re focused on Dogecoin.

So for Dogecoin, what is the next sort of catalyst? And my previous year, I talked about this before. I mentioned some of them again. Now, Elon Musk is someone that has been a vocal supporter for Dogecoin for some time now.

But this is something that not a lot of people have paid attention to. People have just taken it as hearsay and people have said, OK, he’s pumped up the coin and he’s not really doing anything with it. You have to understand that this person is the most influential person when it comes to tech and innovations and a lot of things that are going online in the online marketplace, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.

But so far, Elon Musk to be a vocal supporter of Dogecoin and you have to understand that this is something that he hasn’t tweeted about once. One thing that you need to understand is that trends come and go OK? And it might be trending now, but Elon Musk has been continually supporting this point.

Now, of course, we can see this tweet here. You already said a Doge barking at the moon. And he previously mentioned, albeit it was on April the 1st, that he may put an actual dogecoin on the moon. Now, of course, this could be a literal joke. As as I mentioned before, this could be a joke. But if this happens, this is going to be a major catalyst for Bitcoin.

Now, as Elon Musk continues to tweet about the coin, you have to understand that I think the next major catalyst, the next major thing that’s going to take dogecoin to like the absolute truth is that there’s two main things, OK? One of them is that Elon Musk is probably going to do something with the developers.

I hope this is not a guarantee, but there’s sufficient indication to indicate that the Dogecoin developers are working on stuff. And, you know, Musk is working on an update or maybe a offshoot of the coin. Now, the reason I know this is most likely going to happen is for two reasons.

So Elon Musk currently does follow the Dogecoin developers, OK? He does follow the developers. So if this man is following the Dogecoin developers, it means he could be in contact with them about a sort of update or a sort of hard work of the coin. By hard work, I mean a version of dogecoin, which is going to be new, much better with new attack and doesn’t have the previous problem of wallet concentration.

So the reason I think this is going to happen is because previously in my video, if you’re someone that’s new to Dogecoin, you probably don’t know that there’s a major issue with the coin. So the problem with Dogecoin, the problem that needs to be solved and it’s going to be solved is that Dogecoin has around 28 percent of its coins in one wallet.

OK, so if we look at the percentage of coins, we can see that eight percent is in one wallet, which is absolutely insane. And we can see the value of that, which is around six billion dollars. Now, many people are speculating that this is Robin Hood and this is probably a different exchange or could be one person.

But this is an issue that needs to be solved, which leads me to believe that Elon Musk and the developers are working on fixing this, because for any coin to go anywhere, this is impossible. You don’t see this in any other cryptocurrency.

So this is something that is very, very, very negative for Dogecoin investors and for those expecting future returns. So you have to understand that the level of risk that you have with Dogecoin, this is a huge, huge risk. So I think that somehow they’re probably going to solve this issue.

I would like to see this issue resolved, and that’s going to be the next major catalyst, because if this is solved, then Dogecoin could go really, really for the next major, major catalyst is the Coinbase Dogecoin. Now, if we type in Dogecoin, Coinbase, OK, and we see Elon, OK, you have to understand that, OK, if I can find the tweet, Dogecoin is being pumped to become.

Coinbase friendly now we can see right here that this is something that Elon Musk actually tweeted about, OK? He said, Hi, Elon. I saw a report that Coinbase was using the Tesla Bitcoin purchase. Nice. You, by the way, do you think Coinbase should enable Dogecoin on their platform? It would enable many folks to ease the access dogecoin. And he says yes.

So is someone at that vocally supports the fact that Dogecoin isn’t really being accessed by the major wider crypto markets? Because if we go on Dogecoin, of course, you know, the price is increasing, but if we go on actual coin market cap, but if we go on coin market cap and as you guys can see, if we scroll down to where Dogecoin is, we can see the markets where Dogecoin is currently being traded on.

So if we go all the way down, we can see that dogecoin, the major market that’s being traded on is finance, OK? And that’s the major, major place where people are trading coins. Now, because of that, that holds 20 percent. The volume you see seven percent, six percent.

But you have to understand that people are missing out OK, and people are losing out on the hub, on the insane volume that is Coinbase, OK, the Coinbase IPO yesterday, which was a pretty bad IPO considering they lost around 30 percent of their market cap in, you know, around twenty four hours. But that doesn’t really matter.

What matters is people are missing out on the fourteen forty three million users that could now access Dogecoin, which is definitely going to increase the price. So we’ve got two major catalysts that are coming up.

We don’t know when these catalysts are coming up just yet, but another third catalyst that could be something that influences the price of Dogecoin is someone else. Now, this person does have a decent amount of notoriety, not much damaske, but at the same time, they have been tweeting about Dogecoin. And this is something that I haven’t seen people pay attention to.

OK, if you’re someone that holds Dogecoin, all right, you have to have seen OK, Mark Cuban, he tweeted about this, OK, I don’t know where exactly the tweet is, but he tweeted about Dogecoin multiple times. On many separate occasions. He even sold and AFTRS that have Dogecoin on them.

So he’s been a very, very vocal supporter of the coin. He’s even, you know, facilitated transactions in Dogecoin, which is just I don’t know why people aren’t paying attention. So you have to pay attention to what technically smart money is saying.

So maybe this is a meme, maybe everyone is pumping it and maybe this is all going to crash tomorrow. However, you have to understand the next major cassilis. So here it is. This is the NFTE that he sold to sell. It’s raining Doge. As you guys can see, there’s a Dogecoin in his hand right there.

And of course, this is something that people didn’t pick up on. OK, this only got two hundred ninety thousand views, which isn’t a lot. OK, but for those of you who saw this, I’m like, wait a minute, OK, this guy, OK, the super rich dude is tweeting about this, OK, selling it NFTE on this.

OK, why would he be doing that if he hated the cryptocurrency or he thought it was terrible because I for some reason, you know, you can’t buy this anymore, but at the same time, this is this is this is going to be a major catalyst if he announces something, some sort of collaboration with Dogecoin.

So you have to understand the next major catalyst for the coins. So for every different coin, OK, there’s different catalysts. And a catalyst is something that’s going to increase the price of the coin. Now, for, for example, if you know about Bitcoin, the halving event is a major catalyst.

The next major catalyst for Bitcoin is going to be more widespread adoption and integration into visa integration, into PayPal integration, into, you know, all of these companies that previously looked down on Bitcoin that are now starting to accept as payments, for example, in Tesla, accepted the payment of Bitcoin, the value shot up.

So these are the major cases and these are the things you need to understand that will start the upward momentum and the upward trend. OK, those are the things that you need to look for when looking for the coin. Now, should you buy? Right now, some people are asking, should I buy Dogecoin right now? Should I buy my personal opinion? Is I.

I personally never buy coins that are just upward momentum, OK, because what tends to happen and if we look at the past, OK, is that when there is a parabolic move like this one, it goes straight up. It tends to come straight down. It doesn’t go all the way down. It goes to a high. A high. OK, even here, you guys, since you went up, but it went down and it stays that point for a while.

So the thing is, if you buy OK, and let’s say, for example, let me just scroll down, OK? If you buy, OK. And let’s say, for example, you’re someone who needs the money because a lot of us, a lot of people are struggling right now.

OK, so if you bought OK, let’s just zoom in a bit here so you can get some better visibility. If you bought at, let’s say, you bought a round here or if you bought around, you know, let’s say you bought a round here, you’re going to have to wait quite some time for you to get your money back.

And that’s the problem that most people don’t realize. OK, when you buy when it’s surging, you’re risking buying around this stone. And if you buy at this point right here, you can see that the price decline for the next, you know, next two months and you would have been in the red and you probably would have sold.

So you have to understand that when you buy around these points, when there’s nothing really being said, you’re at less risk. So me personally, I don’t like buying when the coin just surged because, you know, the coin could go down.

To a new high, we don’t know where the support is, we don’t know where the resistance is, these levels haven’t been established, energy levels haven’t been established, then I don’t know if I’m at a loss. OK, so that’s my personal opinion.

So I personally am not buying any more Doge right now. I personally am going to wait for it to go down a little bit because it’s trending right now and trends come and go. And of course when it comes out of the trending space, then it might be time to buy unwaivering of the catalyst.

So who knows, I could be giving your bad advice. Dogecoin could be going to buy literally 50 cents by next week. It could keep going up and up and up. At the end of the day, do your own research if you want to buy and you’re thinking, OK, this coin is going to go up anyways, I’m just going to buy and not look at it for around three months, then do that.

But understand that cryptocurrency is truly volatile, cryptocurrency is really volatile, OK, and prices go up, prices go down. And this is something that you can’t just having a portfolio not look at. This is something that you have to actively look at, manage and watch.

But you also have to be able to stomach those losses and watching the price fluctuate on a daily basis without having fit. OK, so if you didn’t show the video and if you do have any questions, even in the conversation below, I’ll be trying to respond to as many as I can. They’ll see all in the next video.

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