Happy 8th Birthday Dogecoin!

happy birthday dogecoin
happy 8th birthday dogecoin!

Dogecoin celebrated its 8th birthday yesterday on December 6th and it was a big celebration, at least on Twitter. Billy Markus was having fun tweeting and a lot of people having a good time.

Happy Birthday DOGE!

The price also was going up throughout the day. It didn’t sour anybody’s mood. Prices retracted a little bit this morning. Dogecoin’s overall trading history going back one year. This is the one year chart of Dogecoin on CoinMarketCap. And here it was a year ago at 0.003 dollars. What a year for Dogecoin.

Benzinga article that is actually kind of fun, “Happy birthday, Dogecoin. This 8th year old joke grew up to become a 22 billion dollar asset. Also the founder, Billy Markus tweeted:

Why is DOGE important?

Dogecoin has a million strong community. The meme coin subreddit page alone has a following of over two billion people. Market capitalization DOGE is the 11th largest coin choice a marketcap 25 billion dollars. Nobody knew what Dogecoin was going to do, though back that nobody really do.

Dogecoin is Elon Musk‘s favorite cryptocurrency. That’s pretty cool. So we know a lot of that history. But what is it really that makes Dogecoin so popular? Certainly celebrities Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, and retailer Slim Jim.

The growing adoption acceptance and mainstreaming of DOGE could continue in 2022. And what started as a joke can no longer be dismissed as a strong cryptocurrency contender. DOGE has been a survivor for these last 8 years. Where Dogecoin is now and where it will be from a year from now could also be huge gains.

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