DOGECOIN : It’s A Good Sign For What’s To Come

good sign for dogecoin

Apart from a minor hiccup we saw yesterday, it seems like the momentum that took Doge to 73 cents is coming back. New data suggests that Dogecoin adoption is currently at its highest level since the 2017 bull market.

Some really big names are coming back to Dogecoin support. We recently talked about how Mark Cuban announced that he’s a Doge holder himself. Initially, it was leaked that Mark holds only around 500 dollars in Doge.

Mark Cuban just revealed how much Dogecoin he actually owns

But later on he clarified that he owns way more than that. He mentioned that the total Dogecoin that he and his team holds is around 15000 dollars now, which is a really good amount of money to invest in an all coin that came into prominence just six months ago. Why would someone as smart as Mark Cuban bet his team’s earnings on Doge?

Well, obviously, because he believes in it. He believes that Dogecoin will go to the moon. Now, someone like Mark Cuban supporting Doge has huge implications. It brings credibility to it and shows that Doge is more than just another cryptocurrency. He even went on to say that Dogecoin is better than even Bitcoin. This came after concern surrounding market manipulation for Bitcoin surfaced recently.

Now, Dogecoin, on the other hand, is the people’s currency. It’s upheld by the continuously growing community and its members. About this, Mark Cuban tweeted that the Doge is fun. They’re Memes are great. They have fun. They make fun of themselves. It’s fun to be part of. He’s also been urging everyone to buy Dallas Mavericks merch and tickets with Dogecoin. So it’s pretty great that he’s trying to pump Dogecoin right now.

Other reasons Dogecoin will touch the one dollar mark include Elon’s constant support, the upcoming bridge with Dogethereum, one mission, Tesla‘s acceptance and the new Doge upgrade. So basically, I think it’s inevitable that we’re going to the moon very soon.

TikTok plans to leverage blockchain technology to reward content creators

Another great news came from the audio streaming platform audience. It recently teamed up with TikTok and plans to leverage blockchain technology to reward content creators. We all know that TikTok is one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world right now. So if they’re teaming up with a company that specializes in using blockchain technology, it’s a pretty big deal for Doge and other cryptos.

If we take a quick look at Dogecoin price, it currently stands at around 30.2 cents. A lot of holders were worried that we’re going to fall. Although the 27 cents support level again, but that didn’t happen. Instead, we went back to the 30 cents level again, this just goes on to show that it might be better to hold onto your Doge for now.

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