Elon Musk: Moon Is Just Something Normal! Now It’s Time To Get All The Way To Mars

getaway to mars
Moon is just something normal.. Now it’s time to get all the way to Mars

The one hour chart for Dogecoin price in the past 24 hours is forming a very interesting pattern. Overall the trend it is forming is it is clearly forming a symmetrical triangle. And it might be coming to an end very soon as well since I would say the line is what is going to make all the difference. In the next 24 hours, this symmetrical triangle is going to come to an end. After that, there will be an uptrend, which usually follows a similar pattern.

There is an extreme extreme resistance that we have to break, which everyone knows, which is close to 27 percent. So once this uptrend starts to follow, the biggest, biggest thing for the whole community to do is most likely break this 27 mark and turn it into a support once that is turned into a support and we can use it to rely on it. It will be much easier for us to start climbing and get the all time high.

Getaway to Mars

Now, another very interesting fact that came through for Dogecoin. Elon tweeted out a couple of months ago saying SpaceX will be launching a mission which will be called DOGE-1. And it will be happening in the first quarter of 2022. Just two hours ago, SpaceX decided to go ahead and tweet out, saying “Getaway to Mars”.

And if you decide to watch this video, it’s just a whole rocket ship and they are showing how the rockets are ready for the mission. And this is the rocket that Ellen did show on his picture and also his Twitter profile at the moment is this rocket said this could be getting ready for the DOGE mission that will be happening next year quarter one.

Everyone in the comment section was also saying Dogecoin to Mars because Elon was saying Moon is just something normal. Now it is time to get all the way to Mars, and that is exactly what everyone is predicting. Dogecoin will be going crazy by crazy, because SpaceX is going to make some big deals.

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