Fake Walmart News Release!! We Got Manipulation Everywhere!

fake walmart news

Crypto’s crashing. We got fake news. We got manipulation everywhere. Is this the end of Dogecoin? Are we going down? Should you get out of Dogecoin right now? Yesterday we saw this huge late news, fake news story that came out yesterday. And the Department of Justice are looking into it right now.

We had the Amazon, which is also fake story. So what’s going on in crypto language? What is actually going on in crypto land right now with all this fake story? It’s absolutely the whales are out there. They’re manipulating the markets, they’re trying to drive prices up and down because one, they want to maximize their profits and they want to shake up the retail investors.

Walmart Shuts Down Fake Press Release Claiming That Crypto Coin Can Be Used as Payment

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee discusses the origins of the hoax Walmart partnership news release. The Litecoin Foundation “screwed up” after one of its employees retweeted what turned out to be an untrue announcement about a partnership with Walmart Inc., said its managing director. “We try our best to not tweet fake news and this time we really screwed up,” Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and managing director of the foundation, said on the “Bloomberg Technology” television program. “I deny that it has anything to do with us and we’ll try our best to figure out who did it — and we will stop fake news from spreading.”

This is not good when people are creating fake news. But there’s a lot of fake stories. And you guys can just see how easy it is to move a market with a fake story like this.

Let’s take a look at the DOGE price. We’re seeing that’s at 23 six right now, and it’s not looking too shabby. So let’s hopefully we start to get some impulse to up sign up to 20 up to 25 cents. Let’s take a look at Dogecoin chart, and you can see that we have a nice little buy indicator that just flat. So hopefully this by indicator will take us up and we’ll have some more momentum to the upside and that we can get ourselves up to 24 cents.

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