Elon Musk Unveils Tesla Bot, A Humanoid Robot!!


Earlier today, the crypto market returned to the 2.1o trillion dollars after a fairly long time. Also, Bitcoin went over 50K as well. And for Dogecoin, we’re seeing the same thing. When Bitcoin breaks above 50 K again, Dogecoin will start its climb to 40 cents.

If we look at all the news for Bitcoin and crypto, they’re all turning bullish for the most part. That’s a wonderful indicator that the market, consumers, investors and hedge funds are really going to drive this market up moving forward. Now let’s talk about some great news for Dogecoin and crypto world.

Elon Musk unveiled a humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday unveiled a humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot that runs on the same AI used by Tesla’s fleet of autonomous vehicles. And with this announcement, I believe Tesla will reach 1200 to 1300 dollars by next year. Also, since Elon plans to replace some of the staff with humanoid robots, Tesla may save billions of dollars as a result of this.

And this is great for Doge because it implies he’ll have even more free funds to invest in his favorite crypto. Also, he could use these funds to make advertisements for Doge in the Sky. This is pretty great moving forward. We’ve all heard this news that Microsoft, Bill Gates and the Chinese Internet based company Alibaba Group.

Now, they have collaborated to create Argus, which is described as an anti privacy solution that would operate on the Ethereum blockchain. So the purpose of this is to prevent individuals from duplicating and pirating Microsoft software.

It’s pretty great to see this technology being used to fight piracy at such a large scale. So when it is used by more and more companies, we could see crypto in blockings advocates in popularity rise a lot.

37% of American Investors Would Not Cash out Their Crypto Even in Critical Moments

So another great news for crypto world, this article says that 37 percent of American investors would not cash out their crypto even in severe situations. It means that a lot of people have understood the power of long term holding.

And it looks like more and more diamond hands are coming back into the market. So we’re seeing that a lot of retail investors truly have diamond hands right now and will not cash out their crypto anytime soon.

Elon Musk the person who’s more influential on crypto than anyone

Now, the study also revealed why investors opted to get on the crypto bandwagon. So 75 percent believe the value of digital assets will rise in the future, 32 percent see cryptocurrency as a means to diversify their investments, while 24 percent believe it will provide high returns.

It says that social media and online forums appear to have a major influence on crypto related decisions made by U.S. investors. Reddit has been rated number one with 34 percent influential power. And Twitter, YouTube and Facebook were close behind with 26 percent, 23 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

It also says that there is one person who’s more influential than anyone. And that is Elon Musk. So 35 percent of respondents acknowledged making crypto investment decisions based on his recent tweets and remarks. Warren Buffett came in second with a meager 9 percent, while Snoop Dogg came in third with 7 percent. And that’s great for Doge, because two of these three people have been huge advocates for Doge in the past.

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