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Elon Musk was asked if Tesla should accept Dogecoin for payments. Some people are speculating that on the second of July test is going to come out and announce that they want to accept Dogecoin. And we’re going to be talking about Elon Musk, potential future tweets.

Why hasn’t Elon Musk tweeted about Dogecoin for a while?

My speculation is Elon Musk is not tweeting for a while because he was tweeting a lot. And one of the last week he sent about one was really good, but it actually brought the crypto market down. Elon Musk is strategically allowing the suspense to build. He wants people to for kind of forget about him a little bit. But he also wants to stop tweeting so that his words become more powerful when somebody speaks less, their words are powerful.

He’s building up the suspense, the anticipation, and I think he’s also waiting for the market to take off here. Pretty soon, once the market starts to take off, it starts to turn bullish and very strong and things start to pump up. Then once he sends a tweet that will bring Dogecoin to the moon.

So getting in at these cheap prices, we are at a major discount when Elon Musk tweets, the next time he tweets and we’re in a bull run and and the things are really taking off, cryptos are really taking off. If we can break out of here, just do expect a lot of volatility and the next week or so, until the month is over, towards the end of the month, because there’s a lot of futures contracts.

Is a lot of people shorting Dogecoin?

There’s a lot of people shorting Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Which is keeping in suppressing the crypto market. And we’re also having fake news, false fear. That’s kind of suppressing the stock market and the crypto market. So there’s going to be some volatility here and the next week or so until the end of the month.

But it all depends on what the government is talking about as well. But if all goes well, if all goes well towards the end of the month, And I’m thinking July is going to be the bullish month where we can start to break out of these resistance levels. And especially for Dogecoin, I’m thinking July, we could definitely get into 40 and 50 cent range for Dogecoin.

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